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    HikCentral 2.4 Introduced in India to Optimize Security and Operations for Variety of Scenarios

    Hikvision India has introduced HikCentral Professional Software 2.4 in the India market. HikCentral Professional – Hikvision’s security management software – helps professionals meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform. With HikCentral Professional, you will manage multiple individual systems with ease, such as video security, access control, alarm detection, and more, explore cross-system functionalities, and optimize the day-to-day security and operations for a variety of scenarios.

    Key advantages

    • A unified security system that enhances management operations
    • Personalize your own security system
    • Visualized systems, data, and maintenance
    • Easy to deploy and use
    • Personalize your own security system

    Whatever the role, be it manager, decision maker, HR staff, receptionist, security, or maintenance staff, the software will help you get prepared with pre-set modes. What’s more, the software also allows the security professional to customize the system with the applications as per the need based on the scenarios.

    Moreover, users can create their own control panel based on their specific duties and routines, enhancing awareness and empowering them with custom, optimized management approaches.

    All major security needs are covered through diverse core-security modules, including video, access control, visitor, time & attendance, vehicle, on-board monitoring, alarm detection, intelligent analysis, digital signage, and maintenance. Whatever your situation, you will find what you need right here.

    HikCentral 2.4
    HikCentral 2.4

    Hikvision Access Control provides easy but reliable permission control for centralized management. Based on various physical and biological credentials, multiple permission groups and emergency strategies, the system empowers the admin to protect the personnel and property seamlessly.

    Access Control: Comprehensive & flexible access management

    Comprehensive and flexible access management methods, with credential options including face, iris, fingerprint, card, QR code, PIN code, mobile credentials including Bluetooth and NFC, as well as 512 access levels to choose from.

    Advanced access strategies for sensitive areas, including multi-door interlocking, first person in, anti-passback, multi-factor authentication, free, and forbidden access.

    Hikvision Access Control Solution provides following advantages:

    One is easier personnel credential management and the other one is efficient emergency mustering.

    Powerful, Flexible and Easy:

    No more complicated steps. With step-by-step guidance, the whole process becomes easy and user-friendly. One glimpse to diagnose the access control system. It quickly locates and handles the abnormal credentials.

     High Security:

    In high security areas, the staffs are permitted to pass through specific routine areas. Any overstep behaviours will be forbidden and trigger alarm immediately. If the staff passes through the door, he cannot help his partner to enter with his card.

    Live Guard and Security Assistant:

    When the access alarm gets activated to alert the security guards about the unauthorized access event, in that case instead of going to the event site, operators can quickly locate the threat remotely by checking the live video feed and acknowledge the alarm.

    In an emergency situation, the door automatically opens for evacuation. Meanwhile, alarm notification is sent to the admin and retention personnel list gets printed.


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