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    High Performance In-Vehicle Storage introduced to accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Development

    Quantum Corp., announced a new ruggedized, in-vehicle storage solution designed specifically for mobile and remote capture of video and other IoT sensor data. Quantum Mobile Storage products are available in different capacity and performance models and are designed for mobile environment such as autonomous vehicle development, where each vehicle produces several terabytes of video, image and sensor data every day.

    In-vehicle storage units for autonomous vehicle development must meet unique requirements. They must be designed to suit dynamic environmental conditions with limited physical space and electrical power and mobility. They also require sufficient performance and capacity to retain data streams from more than a dozen cameras and sensors operating simultaneously within the constraints of a moving autonomous test vehicle. Quantum Mobile Storage is designed specifically for this challenging environment, with many unique features:

    • Small Form Factor Chassis Design: Minimizes storage space, enabling more room for ECUs, compute or other hardware components.
    • Magazine Carrier: Optional ruggedized case provides protection and security for drive magazines during storage and transport. Quantum Mobile Storage incorporates a unique removable magazine design that enables the fastest transport of data from the vehicle to the garage or datacenter.
    • Designed for Automotive Use: Ruggedized unit operates in a broad range of environmental conditions necessary for proper vehicle testing; 12VDC power ensures easy integration, efficient power use and reliable operation.
    • RAID Support: Ensures high performance and reliability, including RAID 5 or RAID 6 for added protection.
    • Automated Ingest: Quantum leverages StorNext FlexSync to simplify the data ingest process.

    Offloading Data from Quantum Mobile Storage to StorNext

    Autonomous vehicle testing generates and captures massive amounts of data each day which must be analysed in exceptionally short time frames, and then preserved for long-term reference. Quantum Mobile Storage offers a uniquely comprehensive infrastructure for capturing, storing, managing, protecting and accessing petabytes to exabytes of test and development data.

    Flexible Design Suited to a Variety of Applications

    Quantum Mobile Storage is designed to be adapted for use in a wide range of applications beyond vehicle testing, such as mobile security and compliance platforms, video surveillance, public transportation, shipping, law enforcement, on-set video recording and production. The Quantum storage solution provides flexibility to align storage capacity, performance and cost with data capture requirements by choosing SSDs or HDDs in 2.5” or 3.5” form factors.

    Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO, AutonomouStuff said – “With the dynamic environmental conditions, limited space and power available in a moving vehicle, data storage has been a persistent hurdle for autonomous vehicle research. Quantum Mobile Storage addresses this storage challenge. This is vital to our mission to bring safe and reliable AVs to the world’s roadways.”




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