High-Performance Analog ICs to be showcased at electronica 2018

    Designers striving for greater efficiency and performance from increasingly compact electronic systems will be able to tap into three new building-block analog ICs from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. The MAX41464 sub-1GHz wireless transmitter, the MAX38888 backup power regulator, and the MAX16141 36-volt ORing FET controller for building automation, industrial, automotive, and portable applications will be featured at the electronica 2018 conference, Nov. 13-16, in Messe Munchen, Germany.

    System designers are constantly looking for ways to improve system efficiency and performance, extend battery life, add new features and reduce form factor and bill-of-material (BOM) costs. Maxim’s newest analog ICs demonstrate the industry-leading capabilities that pave the way for them to achieve these outcomes.

    Industry’s Highest Output Power, Sub-GHz FSK Transmitter

    MAX41464 is a sub-1GHz frequency-shift keying (FSK) transmitter with the industry’s highest output power of +16dBm for long-range wireless sensors used in multiple applications including building automation and security systems. Operating from a single coin-cell battery, the transmitter extends battery life by consuming only 12mA operating current, 30 percent lower than that of the closest competitor. The transmitter is fully programmable using an I2C interface. A preset frequency mode option using a single 16MHz crystal eliminates programming and allows a single wire interface to an external microcontroller.

    Enable Backup, Uninterruptable Power for Mission-Critical Applications

    Maxim’s Continua family of backup power regulators is setting the standard for backup power in mission-critical applications.  The high-performance regulators charge a backup power source, such as a supercapacitor or capacitor bank, in just seconds to deliver continuous power to critical system components when the main power source is turned off. The MAX38888 reversible buck/boost regulator, the first member of the Continua family, delivers an industry-leading 95 percent peak efficiency.

    Ensure Automotive Electrical System Protection

    MAX16141 is a 36V ORing FET controller with voltage and current circuit breaker for monitoring over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, reverse-current and over-temperature conditions in automotive power applications, including infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

    “Maxim is transforming high-performance general-purpose analog ICs to empower our customers’ relentless pursuit of innovation,” said Vickram Vathulya, Vice President, Core Products Group, at Maxim Integrated. “From ultra-low power consumption to extended battery life and precision signal conversion to rugged connectivity, we push the limits of technology and ease of use to enable engineers to take their products to the next level.”






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