High Intensity LED Light with Emergency Battery Backup Released

    Leader in industrial lighting, Larson Electronics LLC, has announced the release of a new LED spotlight with an emergency battery that features an ultra-compact size, yet a powerful 4,355 lumen output with low-voltage amp draw. This LED includes a battery backup that runs the light for 3 hours in emergency situations, making this spotlight ideal for military and law enforcement operations, as well as industrial manufacturing applications.

    The LED65WRE-CPR-XEMG-1227 from Larson Electronics is a 50-watt LED spotlight with an emergency battery backup that produces 4,355 lumens of top quality CREE LED illumination. The lamp features a high output reflector that produces a narrow 10-degree spot beam that projects approximately 3,000 feet.

    This LED spotlight includes a battery backup that will run the single 50-watt CREE LED for up to 3 hours after power is lost. The light then recharges the battery itself once normal power has been restored, and the battery is kept in a ready state. A 20-foot cord connects the light and the battery, which includes a quick disconnect, while 10 feet of cord connect the battery to the plug which is fitted with a general application cord cap.

    The LED65WRE-CPR-XEMG-1227 has an IP68 rated construction which allows it to function efficiently in extreme environmental and operating conditions. The housing of the spotlight is formed from extruded aluminum and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens protects the LED bulb, which is already resistant to shocks and vibrations.

    The fixture operates on 120/277V AC and is equipped with an industrial grade cord cap. Additionally, this unit is self-monitoring and adjusts input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels regardless of input levels. This protects the fixture against voltage spikes and drops. The LED65WRE-CPR-XEMG-1227 is suspended within a form fitting trunnion (yolk-type) mount. This trunnion mount has two knurled knobs that can be loosened, allowing the LED light to be adjusted and then retightened to lock the light into any desired position once mounted.

    “This LED spotlight has a very compact form-factor – just 9 by 6 inches,  yet it produces a significant lumen output of high intensity light,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “That makes this fixture great for applications where electrical power and mounting space is at a premium”, he added.

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