Waterproof Step-down Transformer released, ideal for indoor and outdoor usage


Larson Electronics, a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting and power distribution, announced the release of a waterproof DC to DC stepdown transformer that converts 58V electrical current to 12V DC at 40 amps. This power converter is ideal for indoor and outdoor usage, as well as wet and damp environments.

The DCP-58×24-40A-WP from Larson Electronics is a waterproof DC to DC stepdown power converter rated at 40 amps that allows operators to utilize 58V DC power for 24V DC low voltage applications. This transformer can power lights and equipment up to 960 watts and features integral short circuit, over voltage and over load protection, which shuts the unit down or reduces voltage output in the case of overload or equipment fault.

This power converter is IP68 waterproof and equipped with two 6-inch wires on the input side and two on the output side, which have been stripped and tinned for equipment installation. To reduce chances of over-heating, case aluminum housing is used to help distribute heat properly, and all electrical components are located within the housing to protect them from harsh external elements. The DCP-58×24-40A-WP features an impressive 95% conversion efficiency, great for moving LED signs and similar equipment, and has a fixed switching frequency of 43KHz.

“The most important feature of this step-down transformer is that it allows users to optimize 58V DC power sources for 24-volt equipment,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “That means this converter can be used to power our LED light bars, Golights and other low voltage equipment, in areas where 24V DC is not readily available”, he added.