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    HARTING to showcase its innovative solutions at Hannover Messe Trade Show

    Complete M12 Power Portfolio in the starting blocks / har-flexicon for LED applications

    HARTING Technology Group will use this year’s Hannover Messe trade show to feature its products and solutions for the industry of tomorrow (Hall 11, Stand C13). These include highlights such as the M12 Power L-coded and the har-flexicon for LED applications (white colour). With these products, HARTING is presenting solutions for all Industries 4.0 lifelines – Power, Signal and Data.

    Having previously presented initial models at the SPS exhibition, HARTING will use this year’s Hannover Messe trade show to launch the full M12 Power portfolio.

    The L-encoded variant makes more than enough power available to energy-hungry applications. At the same time, the new M12 Power standard IEC 61067-2-111 means the power connector shines with investment security and compatibility across manufacturer boundaries. The PNO (Profibus User Organization) views the M12 with L-coding as a new standard power connector and thus as a replacement for 7/8″ concepts. Consequently, the M12 takes an important step in the direction of modularisation and miniaturisation.

    Yesterday’s light bulb is now the LED. For the connection of high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs), e.g. in street illumination, indoor and area lighting, as well as LED displays and emergency lighting, HARTING is now offering white PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54mm grid size in its har-flexicon series. HARTING uses white plastic granules, which are characterised by high temperature resistance and long-lasting colour stability. In addition, white PCB terminals which are flat in design reduce disturbances caused by shadowing in light fixtures. The use of har-flexicon for surface mount soldering significantly simplifies the manufacturing processes for lights.

    In the PCB connector field, HARTING will display another highlight in the form of its new
    har-flex® THR variants. THR stands for Through Hole Reflow and describes the termination technology featuring laterally attached binders. The 1.27mm pitch space connectors combine the mechanically stable soldered connections of the through hole technique with the advantages of automatic processing of SMD components. This makes the connectors ideal for miniaturised and demanding mechanical applications which previously required larger connectors.

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    Caption 1: HARTING will show the M12 Power L-coded (left) and har-flexicon for LED applications (colour white) at the Hannover Messe trade show.

    Latest Electronics Product NewsCaption 2: In the area of printed circuit board connectors, HARTING will be presenting its new har-flex THR variants. The M12 Slim Design family will also be featured at the HARTING stand.


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    Manager Media and Public Relations

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