HARTING Celebrates the Opening of Production unit in Chennai

    HARTING’s focus in the Indian market has been in the transportation, energy, machinery and factory automation, data centre, wind as well as PGTD sectors.  Today HARTING India unveils its production plant, moved to a new, bigger and better place, in Thirumazhisai, Chennai.   The new plant, located in the main industrial hub of the city, adjacent to the Chennai – Bangalore Highway.

    The Grand Opening Ceremony

    The new HARTING plant, inaugurated on 30th June 2022 marks a significant step forward in the continuous successful development of the organization in India and Asia Pacific.  We are delighted to witness such memorable moment together with Mr. Bernd Fischer (General Manager Corporate Regional Management HARTING), Mr. Andreas Conrad (Member of the Board for Operations) along with our customers, partners and distributors.

    The inauguration was followed by customer and distributor’s meet at the Plant along with a Plant tour. As we always say, HARTING prioritizes its commitment to the environment and as a strength to this statement, the event was followed by Planting of saplings at the Factory premises by Mr. Bernd Fischer and Mr. Andreas Conrad.

    Chennai production plant:

    Establishing a renewed factory space of over 32000 sq ft in India, is an important step in the continuous development of our global manufacturing network.  The company currently has 14 production plants established across Germany, England, Switzerland, USA, Romania, China, India to name a few. Through this expansion, HARTING’s reserves align well with emerging market trends in the region. This move also ensures to cope with the business strategy and the tremendous growth in Asia market.

    HARTING will be able to increase customers benefit in a way of providing speedier service, with the capacity to produce close to 74000 units per month (Across its triad).

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