HARTING celebrates the next milestone in Asia and prepare the road ahead

    The three-day conference which took place in Jeju, South Korea, on October 30 to November 1, gathered over 160 business and thought leaders from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong to discuss the new opportunities in the industries as well as untap the potential markets with HARTING products and solutions as an innovator and pioneer of the industry.

    Throughout the keynote presentations and panels analyzing discussions, the participants discussed the opportunities unfolding in various industries, including transportation, machinery and robotics, automation, wind energy, energy distribution and storage and automotive and fruitful results have been achieved.

    The conference of this year has marked the 6th year. The host, HARTING Korea has made it one of the most successful conferences over the years. The motto this year is “The Next Milestone”, signifying HARTING has been in Asia-Pacific for over 30 years and will continue to growth.

    “The headline and the motto of this year is ‘The Next Milestone’. We are looking forward to expand our market coverage in one of the most important regions for our company,” Philip Harting, Chairman of the Board of HARTING Technology Group, stated in the beginning of the conference. “Customer orientation and experience represents the bases for our future growth in the countries. Today, we are proud to celebrate several anniversaries which underline our strong commitment in all local subsiaries throughout Asia.”

    The 6th Annual Asia Sales Kick-off Meeting
    The 6th Annual Asia Sales Kick-off Meeting

    Strong growth in Asia-Pacific in the last 30 years

    2018 marks the 30th anniversary of HARTING Hong Kong, the 20th anniversary of the Zhuhai manufacturing plant,  HARTING China, HARTING Korea, HARTING Taiwan and HARTING Singapore, as well as the 10th anniversary of HARTING Australia. HARTING Japan is marching to its 34th anniversary and HARTING India is going to reach its 13th anniversary next year.

    • HARTING first entered China’s market in 1988, mainly focused in factory automation, transportation, energy and machinery markets. Since then, the growth in China has been extraordinary. HARTING operates in Hong Kong since 1988, opened the Zhuhai manafucturing plant and sales offices in China in 1998. The HARTING factory in Zhuhai mainly produces and sells electric and electronic connectors, electromagnetism solenoid, optical fiber connector and accessory, cable assembly and also conducts products design and development. Among them, the “Mini Coax” was recognized by Zhuhai Science & Technology  Bureau as “Hi-Tech Product with International Advanced Technology Grade” in 2004.  The factory have been starting the die-cast hood/housing for the applications of machinery, railway, energy, wind energy and automation since 2007. In 2015, the HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS) team has been set up to response to the increasing demand of the specific requirements from customers. Since then, the team continues its extension from all main technologies, like injection moulding, die casting, powder coating, CNC mechanical treatment.
    • Since HARTING Korea was founded in Seoul in 1998, HARTING Korea has experienced substantial growth in the last 20 years and we are now the certified “Samsung 1st Supplier”. In this year, HARTING Korea won the Award of Excellence and it marks the excellent performance of HARTING Korea.
    HARTING Korea received the Award of Excellence
    HARTING Korea received the Award of Excellence
    • Established in 1998, HARTING Taiwan is now a key member of the Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, the biggest Industrie 4.0 conference in Taiwan, for three years in a row. As the enabler of Industrie 4.0, HARTING Taiwan joined hands with numerous world market leaders to offer world class Industrie 4.0 solutions and share successful stories in the conference every year.
    • In these 20 years, HARTING Singapore won the large scale signaling rail project for Singapore MRT and continuous its effort of thriving in the “Rail”, “Machinery” and the “Distribution” segment. In 2017, HARTING Singapore won two large scale rail projects.
    • HARTING Australia has experienced rapid yet sustainable growth in the last 10 years and landed numerous important projects locally.

    Being a global innovative connector manufacturer, HARTING not only offers connectors but more importantly, the company provides connectivity and networks solutions to the esteemed customers according to their special requirements.

    Fruitful results have been reached during the 6th annual Asia Sales Kick-off Meeting
    Fruitful results have been reached during the 6th annual Asia Sales Kick-off Meeting
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