Greatly Improved 5G mmWave OTA Test Environment

MA8172A World-First Full Support for Alignment Option 1/2/3

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its newly developed DUT Holder MA8179A-AK011 to increase usability of its CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A.

The MA8179A-AK011 has been developed as a DUT Holder (jig) for the MA8172A to implement a single compact jig supporting the DUT (Device Under Test, e.g. terminals – smartphone or tablet) positions and orientations specified by the 3GPP Alignment Option 1/2/3. Additionally, it both satisfies the Quality of Quiet Zone recommendation for the 3GPP RF/RRM Conformance Test, as well as simplifying test-terminal mounting/dismounting in the test chamber compared to earlier jig designs. The accuracy of the mounting enhances measurement and positional reproducibility.

Development Background

5G mmWave (FR2) services are expected to become gradually more widespread, especially in developed economies, such as N. America and Japan. Consequently, future development and certification testing of 5G mmWave terminals is expected to become more active.

mmWave terminals must be tested in an OTA environment, but, due to the mmWave and OTA characteristics, obtaining reproducible test results is difficult unless the test terminal is mounted in the test equipment at exactly the same position each time. As a result, not only must terminal mounting/dismounting be easy, but a highly reproducible mounting position is also a key point in obtaining good measurement results. Moreover, accurate results will not be obtained if the best Alignment Option cannot be selected according to the terminal design and especially the mmWave antenna position. The DUT Holder MA8179A-AK011 has been implemented to meet these requirements in a single product and to facilitate the introduction of mmWave terminals to the market.

Product Outline


The DUT Holder MA8179A-AK011 is built into the CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A, which meets the 3GPP RF/RRM Conformance Test recommendations, as a fixed jig for test terminals and is mounted on the Positioner MA8179A to auto-control the test-terminal position.

Designed especially for the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A / New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR, the OTA chamber has excellent compatibility with 5G mmWave test equipment.

Key Features

Full support for Alignment Option 1/2/3

Easy DUT/terminal mounting/dismounting in test chamber

Repeatable high accuracy mounting of the test terminal in the test chamber

Robust engineering-plastics construction assures excellent durability with minimum impact on signals

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