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    Keysight Technologies Enhances PathWave Software Suite with Cloud Processing

    Keysight Technologies announced it has expanded the company’s PathWave Software Suite with new and enhanced capabilities.  The new PathWave solutions enable engineers to remove computational limitations across the workflow, with cloud processing clusters, to improve designs and device reliability, while reducing project risk.

    Design and test engineers are struggling with complexity limitations that require weeks, if not months, crunching data which can significantly slow the development process and market introduction. Keysight’s PathWave, an open, scalable, and predictive software platform, offers fast and efficient data processing, sharing and analysis at every stage in the product development workflow. Combining design software, instrument control and application-specific test software, it enables engineers to address increasing design, test, and measurement complexity and develop optimal electronic products.

    “Keysight continues to invest in software solutions through new capabilities in our PathWave platform,” said Jay Alexander, chief technology officer at Keysight Technologies. “We are confident these new capabilities will enable our customers to bring computational power into their own design and test workflows – accelerating time to results, time to insights, and ultimately time to market.”

    Further strengthening the capabilities of PathWave, Keysight is launching 5 new and enhanced software solutions that leverage the power of cloud processing to address computational limitations throughout the design process, including:

    PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) Software 2021

    Now equipped with design cloud simulation services, PathWave ADS 2021 software reduces simulation time, increases simulation test coverage and provides access to scalable hardware resources in the cloud.  This new software solution eliminates barriers to developing high performance hardware products by enabling design engineers for mobile and computer chipsets to:

    • Perform compute intense electromagnetic simulations with on-premise clusters or scalable cloud hardware.
    • Tackle large electromagnetic simulations that were previously unsolvable due to resource limitations.

    PathWave Compliance Test Software 

    System test engineers characterizing compliance standards for mobile and computer chipsets need to perform rapid compliance tests without the added expense of purchasing hardware. The new architecture of PathWave Compliance Test software offers measurement disaggregation and integrates seamlessly into a test automation workflow along with test automation and data analytics software, enabling system test engineers to:

    • Speed transmitter compliance tests by separating physical measurement from data processing in the cloud.
    • Run signal acquisition and measurement in parallel rather than in series reducing overall test time.

    PathWave Test Automation Software

    PathWave Test Automation software enables engineers to execute with speed, scale and ease with open and modular software.  However, test engineers required to use multiple instruments have an added layer of difficulty resulting from the complex programming needed to connect these instruments.  The new enhanced version of this software enables test engineers to:

    • Easily optimize multiple instruments setups with resource arbiter and timing analyzer tools.
    • Seamlessly integrate with existing automated test system workflow to minimize setup time while allowing for scalability.

    PathWave Measurement Analytics Software

    PathWave Test and Measurement Analytics software provides a simple and powerful user interface for data visualization and analytics. It captures and stores test data with real-time access, can import data from various sources in multiple formats, and integrate data analytics into test processes with the open Application Program Interface (API)

    Enhancements to PathWave Test and Measurement Analytics software now enables design validation test (DVT) and production engineers to visualize and analyze measurement data in the cloud without the need to create spreadsheets. As a result, these engineers gain:

    • Greater insight into data with a scalable, high-performance data repository to speed engineering decisions.
    • Fast and accurate test analysis and troubleshooting to accelerate both DVT and production testing.

    PathWave Manufacturing Analytics Software

    PathWave Manufacturing Analytics software is Keysight’s Industry 4.0 big data advanced analytics platform that helps customers to improve product quality and manufacturing operations. Keysight has partnered with Kx to launch the new Workcell edition for today’s smart factories. Built on kdb+, the Kx Streaming Analytics platform enables customers to accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption by analyzing massive test data from production systems in real-time, providing automation and analytics for actionable insights in microseconds, while also reducing hardware costs.

    Key customer benefits of PathWave Manufacturing Analytics software include:

    • Acquisition – enables customers to connect, acquire real-time and transform test data from test systems seamlessly.
    • Automation – customers can automate complex workflows to increase productivity.
    • Analytics – customers can leverage tested machine learning models that provide actionable insight.
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