GOEPEL electronic Expands Test and Emulation on Bluetooth SoC Controller of Nordic Semiconductor

variotap-transparentGOEPEL electronic announces the expansion of the range of their processor emulation tools for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 series, enabling the processor to be reconfigured to provide design-integrated test and programming instruments via the SWD port.A respective VarioTAP® model, as part of an extensive IP library, contains all relevant access information for the target processor. On this basis, users can select a processor corresponding to their design and be able to test and validate the connected hardware unit as well as program Flash memories. The new VarioTAP® model now offers these capabilities for the Nordic Semiconducter nRF52 series.

The processor is targeting next-generation wearables and space-constrained IoT applications.The derivatives are equipped with a Cortex M4F core. The internal peripherals can be addressed via the SWD interface, GPIOs can be controlled and internal flash can be programmed and verified. The nRF52 device is offered in a QFN or WL-CSP package with 48pins and is adapted via SWD interface.

For more information visit: www.goepel.com.