GOEPEL electronic adds Enics Group as New GATE Partner 

GOEPEL electronic extends its strategic partnership program GATE (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts) by adding Enics Group, one of the largest electronics manufacturing services provider within the Industrial Electronics market, as a new member. Focus of the cooperation is on the development and practical implementation of new solutions, products and modules based on JTAG/Boundary Scan instrumentation as well as enhancements in the local support. Furthermore, an important component of the partnership is the integration of GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware and software components into Enics’ systems.

“We see the cooperation between Enics Group and GOEPEL electronic as a key strategic alliance to provide advanced solutions in the Industrial market,” says Frank Amm, GATE Manager at GOEPEL electronic. “With the individual advantages of both companies we can build up a strong partnership to give the customers the best support with overall and maximum test coverage, resulting in an increase in product quality and reduction of test time and expenses.”

“Enics is actively developing our scope of engineering services. By widening our service portfolio in the test development through the enhanced partnership with GOEPEL electronic – one of the world leaders in its field – we will be able to offer even more efficient test system solutions to our customers”, says Kristian Federley, Vice President, Engineering Services and After Sales Services at Enics. “The Embedded System Access (ESA) based test technologies from GOEPEL electronic will enable us to optimize future test solutions to be more economical and have superior diagnostics“, he adds.

“We are pleased that Enics, an EMS company with highly competent test capabilities, has decided to partner up with GOEPEL electronic as local integrator of our JTAG/Boundary Scan and Embedded System Access based technology in their test solutions.” says Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director, at GOEPEL electronic distributor EP-TEQ. “Adding Enics to our already extensive GATE family further extends the widely local presence of test experts with GOEPEL ESA know-how”.

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