GCR takes next step to offer its Digital Transformation solution through Large Alliance partners

    Global Channel Resources, a Digital Transformation multi-vendor Partners Platform, has global operations in 12 countries, takes its next step to offer Digital Transformation solutions through Large Alliance partners. Its e-marketplace and cloud service Delivery platform offers smart SaaS connected IoT and Networking & Infrastructure products, which enable partners to offer these solutions to their end-customers. Majority of these IoT solutions are Saas based and are offered on an OPEX model, saving large capital investments.

    “GCR’s cognitive multivendor e-marketplace enables to strengthen alliances with leading technology and integration partners. A strong alliance network creates a great business value, reduces operational risk and accelerates go-to-market processes for all stakeholders. GCR’s Services platform enables partners to further increase their revenue growth, expand markets, geographical operations, accelerate sales process, and enhance product and service offerings” – added Tony Tsao, Founder, GCR.

    GCR has made its successful inroads in small and medium System Integrator segments. Post the successful penetration in SME / SME Enterprise segments GCR is now penetrating into the Large System Integrator Partner alliances, service platform alliances, and the complementing platform alliances in India.

    “GCR and alliance partners jointly deliver business solutions that address our clients’ business and technology needs. We address specific client needs as well as customise tools and methods to accelerate and ensure successful deployment of solutions” quoted Amod Phadke, Director – Sales & Marketing, GCR.

    “For us at GCR, it is absolutely vital to provide every customer of ours, a remarkable experience. Since our active participation in providing digital solutions to small and medium enterprises has been beneficial, we are excited to expand our collaboration with Larger Enterprises as well. We believe in evaluating customer’s preferences continually as it is the crux to success”, added Amod.

    GCR offers IoT solutions, for Retail, Hospitality, Education and Enterprises. These IoT solutions help to monetize the Idle IT Infrastructure resulting in increased consumer satisfaction and subsequently increased revenue and profits for the enterprises.

    “The IoT solutions business has been identified as the fastest growing global business and is expected to reach around 300 billion US Dollars by the year 2020.  The CXO’s and Business Heads in the large enterprises today are focusing on change management and the large alliance partners have strong penetrations which will enable GCR-Partner to offer these solutions faster and quicker through the Large and Medium alliance partners”- concluded Tony.


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