Future-proof, adaptable Automotive Testing Systems for easier integration

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are introducing new technology into vehicles. They demand test systems that are adaptable and future-proof, so they can integrate all the technology used today and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Vehicles and drivers are gaining a new level of safety from ADAS. Safety systems were once only backup cameras and parking assistance. Now, they are being fused with other subsystems and integrated with new technology to provide life-saving features like emergency braking. As these systems are used in more and more safety-critical applications, the testing to ensure they function properly needs to become more rigorous and simultaneously support the rapid innovation happening.

NI offers a single, software-centric, platform-based approach to automotive testing that can natively integrate all the I/O types you need to test today’s and tomorrow’s ADAS technology. This approach ensures easier integration and more accurate test data. You can use the same platform in all aspects of system design from characterization through verification and validation and even onto the production floor.