Lab Characterization and Validation: A Smarter Approach to Semiconductor Test

Industry leaders are using a new approach to semiconductor test to meet the latest RF and mixed-signal IC test challenges. With National Instrument’s open, software-defined platform, customers can meet evolving test requirements and manage schedule pressures.

When ICs were simpler and less integrated, fixed-functionality box instruments were sufficient in the lab. But as test requirements grow with increased integration, so does the need for a broader mix of instrumentation. It is common to find a characterization bench that is overflowing with instrumentation. But space isn’t the only problem. Box instruments are optimized to work independently instead of together; integration over GPIB or Ethernet is not optimal for high data throughput, low latency communication, and tight synchronization.

NI’s approach to semiconductor characterization and validation is based on a single underlying platform of PXI and software that one can use from the lab through production. Using this approach, one can improve time to market with the ability to characterize components more quickly while reducing capital equipment costs and improving the efficiency of the team.