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Portable Oscilloscope

The Best Portable Oscilloscopes in the Market Today

When you think of an oscilloscope, the first picture that comes to mind is of a bulky device that you use on your bench...
Sensors Evolution

Sensors Evolution of the Digital Era

The Sensor technology in the electronics stream has widened up, and is rolling out new inventions day by day for better products. Medical, industrial,...
Security for IoT Devices

Security for IoT Devices and Communication

As we enter the era of Ambient Computing and get immersed in lifestyle enabled by technology, IoT devices need to protect their users in...
Electric Power Steering Systems

Chipset Solution for Electric Power Steering Systems

Electric power steering (EPS) has almost completely replaced hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems. The advantages are obvious: They include higher energy efficiency, as there is...
Future of Data Storage

Future of Data Storage: Hardware or Cloud

Is there a need of 24 x 7 surveillance in Indian smart cities? What happens to all the data that would be collected by...
Electronic Design Automation Industry to Have A Promising Future Ahead!

Electronic Design Automation Industry to Have A Promising Future Ahead!

In the era of the evolving electronics industry, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Market has come to play an increasingly pivotal role. The trend of...
CES 2019: High-Performance AI Computing Showcased

CES 2019: High-Performance AI Computing Showcased

AAEON, the leading designers and manufacturers of IoT and A.I. edge computing platforms, and Gorilla Technology Group, the global leader specializing in video intelligence and...
MOSFET Parameter

Analysis for MOSFET Parameter – EAS (single-pulse avalanche energy)

In the application of flyback topology power supply, the drain-source voltage of MOSFET may exceed the rated value under certain extreme conditions. Engineers prefer...
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