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Electrifying Education

Electronics Electrifying Education: How India’s Semiconductor and T&M Giants are shaping up the Engineers...

Today’s world is driven by two things primarily: technology and constant innovation. You won’t be hard pressed to find how technology has come to...

CPU Soft IP for FPGAs Delivers HDL Optimization and Supply Chain Integrity

RISC-V open ISA can help aerospace and defense designers who are facing challenges of minimizing power consumption, BOM cost and board area by allowing...
Cloud Communication

Standardization of Industrial Cloud Communication to make best use of cloud-based services and systems

Over the last few years, cloud computing has become widespread with an increasing variety of solutions from various providers. The problem: Different specifications and incompatible interfaces increase the effort and make the...
led light main

LED Light Bar Market is anticipated to reach US$ 1,248.2 million by 2027

Over 1.5 million LED light bars were sold in 2018, equaling a market value worth US$ 825 Mn. A new FMI study finds that...
Paper Battery

Paper Battery: Unveiling a New and Unprecedented Source of Energy

Batteries have today become ubiquitous in today’s digital century, and are the most complacent solution of energy storage. Due to the digitization era, portable...
PCBs Change

As our PCBs Change, So Will our Electronics

Ever since Paul Eisler patented the PCB in 1943, these once ungainly boards have today evolved and advanced into something that might even confuse...
Using Cleanrooms for Electronics Manufacturing

Using Cleanrooms for Electronics Manufacturing

A tiny particle of dust on certain products can be very damaging, which is why OEMs cannot risk particulate contamination when it comes to...
Consumer Electronics industry in 2019

Consumer Electronics industry in 2019: Top 5 Trends

Consumer electronics have become an essential part of our daily routine. It has penetrated every aspect of human life leading to aggressive investment and...
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