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STM32H7-MCU pic

STMicroelectronics portrays more flexible, dual core MCU at electronica India 2019

With a grandstand portrayal of AI/ML future with integration of IoT chips, STMicroelectronics disclosed its Dual-center STM32H7 MCUs, during the 2019 editions of electronica...

iOS 13: 3 Applications That Show It’s a New Era for ST25 Tags

A few weeks ago, Apple released iOS 13, and today, we are proud to announce the availability, in the App Store, of NFC Tap 2.0,...

New PV Cells Benefit Energy Harvesting

Today, some 85 percent of installed photovoltaic (PV) cells are manufactured from silicon, as it’s both particularly suited to turning light into electricity and plentiful. Too,...

Photovoltaic Converters, Get More from the Sun with STM32 High-Resolution Timers

As more engineers work on photovoltaic solutions, our B-G474E-DPOW1 Discovery kit, with its STM32G474, can help them design better solar inverters. Just like the STM32F334, this...

Seamless advent of Conversation: Chatbots Heading the AI Conversation

Hey Joe, Please turn on! Now, imagine that Joe is your air conditioner, which can interact with you, and will follow your instructions. It...

ST’s new Tracker, a MOOC on LoRa: 3 Videos to Start Your IoT Application

The new video is on our STEVAL-STRKT01, the LoRa tracker that was so popular during the Toronto Technology Tour. The PCB embarks an STM32L0 microcontroller, a LoRa transceiver,...

Connectors: Challenges of new wave of technologies

Advancing technology across a range of industries is adding a new element to the ongoing drive to produce smaller, faster, lighter, and less expensive...

Reliable Machining Processes remain the best choice of manufacturers

When planning and implementing machining processes, manufacturers generally focus on manipulating elements of their internal operations and may lose sight of the end purpose...
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