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Overview of Emerging technology trends on the demand graph of foldable displays

The continuous evolution of smartphones and computers have fostered the development of display technologies, with foldable displays emerging as the latest component of this...
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Using precision current sensing to optimize system performance

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the embedded electronics community for higher efficiencies and better system performance. This is due to multiple...
The Era of Endless Evolution: Electronics Distributors Working Hand in Glove with Design Engineers

The Era of Endless Evolution: Electronics Distributors Working Hand in Glove with Design Engineers

In this ever changing world of the electronics industry, a lot is at stake. Electronics technologies play a huge role in the global economy,...
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Internet of Things: Ingenious Technology of the Connected World

As anyone with a TV or PC probably knows, the Internet of Things is a network that allows the “Things” to communicate to each...
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Bricks that can put in an appearance…

Neat as a pin, each brick on the pallet is identical to the next. Deviations at the building site are accepted only within tight...
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Metric circular plug connectors offer high performance for data transmission and communication signals

The metric system of units was introduced for the first time in 1793 during the French Revolution and is used even today in almost...
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Cracking the Hack…is it possible?

Let’s play a game. Below are clues describing a specific type of cyberattack; can you guess what it is? This cyberattack is an automated...
Organic Electronics

Organic Electronics: Low power, high impact enabling new applications

The world is experimenting with organic electronics, which means that the industry people see a market for them. Is it time then to actively...
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