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    NEPCON JAPAN 2024: Showcasing new technologies from R&D to manufacturing

    The NEPCON JAPAN 2024 Exhibition was successfully held between 24-26 January 2024 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. With over 30 glorious years of fostering Japanese & Asian electronics industries, NEPCON JAPAN, consisting of seven shows, specialised in essential areas for electronics manufacturing, R&D, and Packaging Technology and increased its value as an exhibition representing Asia’s leading one-stop venue for all those involved in the electronics industry.

    NEPCON JAPAN consists of seven specialised Shows i.e. Internepcon Japan, Electrostate Japan, IC & Packaging Expo, Electronic Components & materials expo, PWB Expo, Fine Process technology Expo, Power Device and Module expo. Other Concurrent Shows organised by RX Japan Ltd during the time are 15thAUTOMOTIVE WORLD, Factory Innovation Week 2023, 2ndSMART LOGISTICS Expo and 9thWEARABLE EXPO.

    With over 1688 exhibitors and 77744 visitors, the exhibition was a massive hit that showcased the latest and futuristic technologies in the respective areas.

    The expo saw participation from 25 countries, which showcased trends in the domains of IC & Packaging, Electronic Components and materials, Fine Process technology, Power Device and Module Electric Vehicle and Automotive Technologies, Factory Automation, Smart Logistics and Wearables.

    Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States participated with large delegations and demonstrated cutting-edge solutions and breakthrough technologies from their respective nations.

    The dedicated zones offering insights into how the related industries will adopt technology, sustainability and innovation. These dedicated zones showcased solutions in EV Charging, EV Mobility, IoT based technologies, ADAS, AI Vision, Driver Monitoring System, Super Heat Resistant Glass Ceramic, Design and development of Vehicle, Semiconductor, Sensor, machine Learning, Software defined vehicle, Image recognition System and Testing providing an engaging platform for visitors to experience smart solutions.

    The expo has truly been an amazing experience to the visitors. Visitors and exhibitors from overseas returned with a great degree of satisfaction, and the show concluded with a great success. The exhibition was a marvel of state-of-the-art technologies from around the world. Some of the technology display is worth mentioning as below:

    EVR Motors, Israel: EVR Motors, developed a unique Trapezoidal Stator topology that disrupts the incremental trajectory of electric motor development. The Trapezoidal Stator: The patented topology allows the company to design radial flux motors that are less than half in size and weight than current advanced RFPM motors – without compromising of power or performance. The air-cooled 17kw Peak Power Motor, which weighs only 9 kg, offers more power per kg and torque per liter than motor performances made public by other manufacturers. EVR offers double the power and torque density.

    Responding to the aspiration of many OEMs to reduce or eliminate the reliance on rare earth materials, EVR Motors offers a rare earth-free solution based on ferrite magnets. The solution retains acceptable power and torque density, at a lower cost to manufacturers and the environment.

    Contact for more information: Email:

    Foretellix: Foretellix is the leading provider of safety-driven verification and validation solutions for Automated Driving Systems and ADAS.  For Automated Driving Systems and ADAS Foretellix’s hyperscale V&V solutions are trusted worldwide to tame the infinite range of scenarios critical for the development and safe deployment of ADAS and AVs. The Foretify Safety-Driven V&V platform helps Automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV developers to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market of ADAS and Automated Driving Systems (ADS).

    Contact for more information: Email:

    StoreDot: StoreDot is the innovator of proven EV batteries that recharge faster, are safer and more sustainable, running on patented organic nanomaterials fully optimized by AI, and packed into high-energy cells. StoreDot’s current technology supports a charge of 100 miles (or 160 km) per 5 minute of charging, and is working on improved technology that will allow to reduce the charging time for 100 miles, or 160 km, to 3 minutes, within few years. To secure EV battery safety and stability, StoreDot battery architecture features a multi-layered safety-protection structure, it runs on patented bio-inspired nanomaterials designed for longevity, with near-zero carbon.

    Optimizing pack-level energy density: Cell-to-pack involves directly connecting individual battery cells to form a larger battery pack; cell-to-chassis involves mounting the cells onto a structural chassis, which also serves as a heat sink dissipating heat generated by the cells during operation, and a support structure for the cells.

    The benefit of using these approaches is that they provide the necessary support and protection for the battery cells. In a cell-to-pack system, the cells are tightly packed together and secured within a protective casing, which reduces the risk of damage from vibration, impact, or thermal expansion. StoreDot’s I-BEAM XFC cell-to-pack configuration also simplifies the manufacturing process, minimizes part count and reduces the weight and volume of the battery pack.

    D-TEG: D-TEG provides new values for the vehicle CCTV system and cloud-based video telematics.

    By applying AI Solution to Edge device, it automatically detects the road surface and surrounding conditions, transmits and analyse the detected data to the service platform, and deliver risk information to customer through the Edge Device.  AI SOLUTION: The company offers development of artificial intelligence solution using image-based object detection AI model.

    Creative Synergies Group: The company accelerate electrification through expertise in system integration and controls, power electronics and battery system engineering. It leverage proven track record in NextGen technologies to innovate in autonomous navigation, connectivity and shared mobility. The company empowers very demanding customers to achieve business outcomes through domain expertise from concept to production.

    Autocrypt: Secures mobility for the autonomous revolution. AUTOCRYPT is an automotive cybersecurity provider dedicated to the safety of connected, autonomous, and software-defined mobility. AUTOCRYPT secures the rapidly evolving architecture of software-defined vehicles and smart mobility, using custom solutions built for ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155/156. Backed by decades of industry experience, our solutions can be customized and adapted to any vehicular and infrastructure environment.

    Eatron Technologies: Intelligent Software Layer: It Unlocks the full potential of battery with Intelligent Software Layer for Battery Management. Maximum battery performance is achieved with unique algorithms that offer best-in-class accuracy and robustness in battery state estimation and control. It Extends battery lifetime by accurately predicting the remaining useful life of the battery in the real world – right from beginning of its life. It Improves safety and reduces downtime by enabling early detection of cell degradation and safety critical failures.

    Auroralabs: Vehicle Software Intelligence: Solving the Challenges of Automotive Software Development with AI. AUTO VALIDATE SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY & SBOM: Validate effects of software updates on interrelated functions, systems and ECUs providing evidence for integration and certification. AUTO DETECT: AI-DRIVEN SW GLITCH CATCHER. Detects faults in software behavior

    and predicts downtime events. AUTO UPDATE: ML-DRIVEN OTA UPDATES Over-The-Air Update solution for any and all ECUs using standard protocols without reprogramming, with or without A/B Memory.

    Sonatus: SOFTWARE DEFINED COMPONENT SOLUTION delivers vehicles that intelligently adapt. Achieve the full promise of Software-Defined Vehicles with components that can be dynamically tuned for peak performance in any driving condition. Continuously improve performance of vehicle components: Ensure electronically controlled vehicle components are continuously tuned to deliver optimal performance in all driving conditions. Leverage precise real-world data to improve vehicle performance: Collect real-world vehicle and driving data in diverse driving conditions, enabling more efficient and accurate AI/ML analysis in the cloud. Dynamically tune components in real-time Ensure motors, sensors, and actuators operate at peak performance under diverse driving conditions by automatically tuning their Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in real-time.

    Software Defined Component: The full promise of Software-Defined Vehicles is realized when all electronic components in vehicles can be continuously updated and improved throughout their lifetimes. The Sonatus Software-Defined Component Solution, consisting of the Sonatus Collector and Automator products, lets OEMs and their suppliers establish a closed-loop process to apply real-world, data-driven analysis and automated updates to tune vehicle ECUs, ensuring maximum component performance under any driving and vehicle conditions.

    SRM Tech: Software Integration & Solution Engineering: The company’s Product Engineering Services start from Conceptualization, Development, Prototype, Launch, Manufacture and Distribution. The company has expertise spans product ideation, hardware, firmware and middleware, application development, complemented by testing, validation, verification and product sustenance. Dedicated teams are at work delivering critical solutions for various OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers. Engineers work across a wide range of Software Integration technology segments such as powertrains, body, interiors, infotainment, telematics, electronics, ADAS Systems (Vision-based, RADAR-based & LIDAR-based) and mobility.

    Fukuda: Air leak tester for EV: FLZ-0630 series: In EV battery case leak tests, this air leak tester can reduce noise and enable stable measurements for workpieces that are characterized by large volumes and are likely to expand due to pressure. The product features a fitting correction function and a newly developed smoothing function that are used together to reduce both the noise caused by the large size and the noise caused by expansion and deformation. In addition, in order to achieve low pressure control that is difficult to control and increase flow rate for large volumes, a bypass BOX (CBU-600) is included.

    Transtouch: The touch panel solution provided on automotive equipment allows users to operate on the CID screen and control various basic functions. It is paired with a high-brightness touch screen that supports multi-touch. Related applications include entertainment systems, satellite positioning systems (GPS), real-time driving prompts, reversing radars, and anti-collision systems, etc., all of which require good functions and user-friendly human-machine interfaces. Touch screens have become a necessary consideration for global car manufacturers to develop new cars.

    Magna: Although market trends show a clear shift towards electrified vehicles, the share of conventional powertrain systems will still be globally significant during the next decade. Therefore, Magna continues to work intensively on efficiency improvement of all conventional and mild hybrid drivetrain solutions. Being a long-term premium supplier for the global automotive industry, Magna has broad experience and a unique market position. With this expertise, the innovations contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle with any type of powertrain, always pushing to the next level of CO2 emissions reduction.

    With the purpose of tailoring to global market needs, Magna supports this development with innovative, efficient, and cost effective advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive systems (4WD), in addition to disconnect systems, manual transmissions (MT), dual-clutch transmissions (DCT), and mild hybrid solutions (HDT 48V).

    The field-tested mild hybrid systems provide an answer to multiple existing challenges, like legislation driven CO2 reduction and high-cost pressures. Such systems support high-volume applications of electrified drivelines as well as fleet average targets at reasonable costs. Mild hybrid systems also achieve improved driving dynamics through electric torque vectoring and traction support. These systems even enable functions like autonomous electric parking.

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