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    Expanded range of Pro-Power cables in full-reel and cut-to-length for industrial and outdoor use


    New industrial cables from Pro-Power for high reliability and durability,  including tri-rated, silicone, rubber, steel wound armoured, welding cable, LSZH(low smoke zero halogen)


    Bangalore, 18 January 2016 –– element14 has expanded its range of cable and wire, cable accessories, marking and labeling from Pro-Power for use in design, education, manufacturing, repair and maintenance. A comprehensive selection of over 5,300 of the latest products include equipment wire, data transmission cables, industrial and automation cables, coaxial cables and cable accessories are available at where customers can review and select cables in full reel or cut-to-length options.

    Highly versatile and flexible, the new range of Pro-Power Tri Rated cables was designed for use in the wiring of electrical cabinets, switch control, relay and instrument panels, and small electrical devices. Available in over 100 colours and sizes, this flexible (Class 5) high temperature, flame-retardant single core and single insulated cable comes with heat resistant PVC sheathing, and can be used in numerous applications globally as it meets three separate standards; British Standards, Underwriters Laboratories(UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

    Marc Grange, Global Head of Product Operations, element14 said, “We have put together the most popular cables needed for electronics design and production including Tri Rated and LSZH cables. These products offer high quality and value, and deliver long-lasting reliability to meet the high procurement standards of our customers. ”

    In addition, a wide range of Pro-Power Coaxial cables are available; these are suited for transmission of radio frequency signals including television aerial connection, transmission of CCTV images and broadband signals.

    The Pro-Power range of Twinflex PVC Battery Cable with 1mm thickness insulation and 1mm thickness sheath, are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, in dry as well as wet locations, on motorised vehicles, or battery powered equipment such as forklift trucks and conveyors.


    About the Premier Farnell Group

    Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl) is a global leader in high service distribution of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, production, maintenance and repair. Trading as Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14across Asia Pacific, it had sales last year of £960m, the Group is supported by a global supply chain of more than 3,000 suppliers and an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs.

    Premier Farnell works to bring to market development kits in a variety of applications, enabling it to support the customer from design concept through to production.

    The latest products, software, services and solutions from trusted supplier partners are all available through 43 local language transactional websites. The element14 Community allows buyers and engineers to access a wide range of independent technical information, tools and the latest resources and the Design Center enables design engineers to compare kits from the world’s greatest range of development tools.

    For news updates from Premier Farnell and element14 visit:

    Premier Farnell News Centre –

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