ET: Fujitsu 4Mbit FRAM reaches 54Mbyte/s operation

Fujitsu has launched a 4Mbit ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) with a quad SPI interface at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Called, MB85RQ4ML, with its four bi-directional I/O pins operating at 108MHz it can reach a data transfer rate of 54Mbyte/s. “In this respect, MB85RQ4ML is over four times as fast as our existing parallel 4Mbit FRAM device and even outperforms the 45ns parallel SRAM,” said the firm.

fram-mb85rq4mlIn a SOP-16 package, it is at least 50% smaller than Fujitsu’s parallel devices of the same density, which come in TSOP-44 or TSOP-48.

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Endurance is 10 trillion read/write cycles, and data is held without power – unlike battery-backed SRAM.

“While the conventional memory architecture of embedded systems consists of a RAM and a non-volatile memory, MB85RQ4ML can, in many applications, replace both and offer a unified memory technology in one chip,” claimed the firm.

It operates over 1.7-1.95V and has a single SPI interface as well as quad.

Engineering samples are available now.

“With this ultra high speed Quad SPI product, we have reached another milestone in enhancing our FRAM technology,” commented Fujitsu Electronics Europe senior director Sales, Marketing, QA and Technical Support Uwe Püsche.

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