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    EPIC members Excel at PIC International Awards in Brussels

    On 7 March 2017 witnessed the PIC International Awards in Brussels. Its impressive as All the winners in the 6 categories are member of EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium.  As Nominations were open to all within the PIC industry, with voting through PIC Awards, PIC Magazine online and email services.  All total there were 50 nominees, 16 week program and over 6000 votes.

    1. PIC Platforms

    This award recognises advances in the development and application of key materials systems driving today’s photonic integrated circuits and providing a stepping stone to future devices. The winner is Kaiam Corporation – Using Silicon Photonics Integration To Address Data Center Demands.

    1. Advances in Manufacturing

    Evolution in PIC production is helping to bring a new generation of devices into the market. This category celebrates the success stories so far. The winner is SMART Photonics – Production Services For Indium Phosphide (InP) Based Photonic Components.

    1. Advances in Integration

    This award recognises innovative approaches to packing more features into a chip and raising the bar to the next level. The winner is EFFECT Photonics – Highly Integrated Optical Communications Products Based On DWDM Optical System-On-Chip Technology.

    1. Device Characterisation

    Advances in tools, equipment and measurement know-how are bringing greater insight into chip-level performance; and go hand in hand with gains in device development and production. This award showcases the leading lights in this domain. The winner is Oclaro – Lasers, Optical Components, Modules And Subsystems For The Optical, Industrial, And Consumer Laser Markets.

    1. Design and Packaging

    Equipment makers and chip designers are working ever closer to overcome the challenges of turning ideas into practical devices. In this category we celebrate the design and packaging solutions that have overcome major bottlenecks in the sector. The winner is PhoeniX Software – World Class Software Solutions For Micro And Nano Technology Corporations And Institutes.

    1. Lifetime Achievement Award

    Pioneers in photonic integration have helped make PICs a reality and their knowledge and expertise underpins major advances in the industry. This award recognises outstanding service to the sector. The winner is Meint Smit – Leading Contributions To The Development Of An InP PIC Ecosystem In Europe.

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