EPCOS AC motor capacitors are now BIS compliant

TDK Corporation announces that its subsidiary, EPCOS India Pvt. Ltd., fulfills all requirements of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for AC motor capacitors, which has been verified by accredited laboratories. The company has received an ISI license number (7800031911) according to the IS 2993:1998 standard, and all EPCOS AC motor capacitors now bear the ISI marking.

“We appreciate this policy initiative by the Government of India and efforts undertaken by the

BIS toward creating a safe environment for use of electrical and electronic items. The BIS mandate also ensures that there is a level playing field with respect to the specifications with which a product is produced. With India being one of our key markets, it is critical for us to obtain these certifications as per the new norms, and we are happy to be one of the first few capacitor manufacturers to do so,” said Mr. Balakrishnan, MD, EPCOS India.

Through its full compliance with BIS mandate, EPCOS India has underscored its reputation of being a leader in the Indian electronic components market by not only carrying the ISI marking, but also by ensuring that these ISI-marked capacitors are already available for customers. In fact, some EPCOS PFC capacitors are already BIS compliant and have been carrying the ISI marking for the past several years.

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