Envent Launches Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones: Moksha

Moksha is an active noise cancellation headphone that has the ability to reduce any unwanted ambient or background sound up to 85% through its 20-decibel speakers.

Envent Worldwide is a pioneer in telecom, audio and consumer electronics products. The company has a range of wired as well as wireless earphones, headphones, speakers, soundbars, and towers. The company has high end & budget-friendly products usable at homes, within your cars or even on the go.

Recently, Envent launched Moksha, an active noise cancellation headphone (ANC) which is beating all competitors within its niche. By that, as it may, headphones with ANC feature are sold at INR 10,000 or more. However, the Moksha is currently priced on online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and Chroma at approximately INR 6,000.

Moksha has come into the audio market and beaten all competitors selling ANC headphones by being one of its kind. Not only is it one of the few budget-friendly headphones, but an active noise cancelling headphone. It means it has the ability to reduce any unwanted ambient or background sound up to 85% through its 20-decibel speakers.

Most headphone users are usually unaware of the major difference between active and passive noise cancellation headphones. They consider both categories to be the same. But, the active noise cancelling headphones are actually very different from passive noise cancellation headphones. The latter only reduces exterior sound by the material they are created off.

This means unwanted outside sound could still penetrate in your ears and disturb the real headphone experience. However, active noise cancellation headphones reduce any unwanted sounds by creating a secondary sound wave. This means ANC headphones are a step ahead of the passive noise cancellation headphones.

Most importantly, Moksha is a wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphone, with a range of receiving sound as well as calls up to 30 feet from the device. It also has 3.5 mm jack for aux cable to support non Bluetooth devices. So, users needn’t worry about using the headphone anyhow.

Also, the powerful protein cushioned headphone is engineered to give users the ability to swivel 90 degrees. So, even if you have hobbit ears (which I doubt! ), you would still find comfort in your ears listening to your favorite music for a long lasting 30 hours.

The multimedia functions of Moksha are equipped with LED light indicator, dedicated ANC switch, volume up & down buttons. The multimedia buttons also have the ability to receive and reject calls.

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