element14 now stocking the EA Elektro Automatik EA-EL 3000 B DC Electronic load Series for automated testing

element14, The Development Distributor, is now stocking the EA Elektro Automatik EL 3000 B Series for automated testing in workshops, laboratories, education, R&D, and industry.

This series is an ideal benchtop tool for low-power component- and device testing, providing accurate and reproducible test data. The versatile control software EA Power Control (available as free- and pay-ware) allows semi-automated test routines to run.

The unit, which has a significantly improved reaction time of analog and digital controls over the previous model, also benefits from:

  • 400W, 0-80V, 0-200V, 0-500V DC, 0-10A up to 0-60A
  • Coloured TFT Display, with integrated comfortable function generator as well a battery test and (PV) MPP-tracking simulation
  • High-performance, microprocessor-based control unit
  • 16 Bit ADC/DACs for a high resolution
  • Voltage accuracy of 0.1% and current accuracy of 0.2%
  • Highly isolated structure resulting in lower sensitivity to  disturbances during operation
  • Active damping in the DC-input circuit significantly reducing oscillations
  • Optimized thermal management eliminating a sudden stop upon an over-temperature condition
  • Input-filter protection circuit, preventing damage from DC voltage may contain a high-frequency AC part
  • Plug’n play slot to retrofit interface options eg USB

Typical applications include dynamic load testing and aging simulation of small DC sources, load testing/discharging of all types of energy storage devices and testing of semiconductors, passive and active electronic components.

The EA Elektro Automatik EL 3000 B Series is now available to buy from Farnell element14 in Europe, and element14 in the Asia Pacific.

For more information, visit at http://www.premierfarnell.com