element14 expands Test & Measurement Product Range with Additional Investment and New Products

    element14, the Development Distributor, has expanded its Test & Measurement product range with additional investment in its linecard including new products from Weller, Tektronix and Rohde & Schwarz. The new products include the Weller WE 1010 soldering station, the Tektronix DAQ6510 data-acquisition and logging multimeter system, the Rohde & Schwarz R&S FPC spectrum analyser, and the R&S HMP power-supply family.

    element14 has invested significantly in expanding its linecard and inventory over the past 12 months, and now has the broadest range of in-stock test & measurement products in the high service distribution market. “The investment in inventory that we have made over the last year has significantly strengthened the breadth and depth of our linecard”, says James McGregor, Head of Test and Tools at Premier Farnell and element14: “Our range of test & measurement equipment now embraces everything from high-value products for cost-conscious engineers and educators to top-of-the-line professional equipment.”

    New products recently added to element14’s range include:

    • Weller WE 1010 soldering station: The digital 70W soldering stations is 40% more powerful than competitive stations in the market. This allows the iron to heat up faster and to provide a faster recovery time to get the job done quicker with more efficiency and precision. This station is developed especially for educational, and consumer applications as well as entry level professional. It has many of the software features of professional workstations, and is easy and economical to use.
    • Keithley DAQ6510 data acquisition and logging multimeter system: A precision data acquisition and logging system that creates a new level of simplicity compared with the often-complicated configuration and control found in many stand-alone solutions. With 12 plug-in switching and control modules and two module slots, users can build test systems that can measure or control up to 80 devices under test in a multiplexing configuration. Two 6 × 8 matrix modules provide a total of 96 crosspoints allowing the test of one or multiple ICs. For high-volume production testing, a solid-state multiplexer module is available to maximise throughput with 800 channels/s scanning speed and minimise downtime.  The large 5-inch (12.7 cm) multitouch display guides users through set-up, data visualisation and analysis, removing the necessity of a PC and custom software for many applications. For users who prefer or require a PC, a complement of IVI and Labview drivers and the Keithley KickStart instrument control software are available.
    • Rohde & Schwarz  FPC spectrum analyser: The R&S FPC1500 combines a spectrum analyser, network analyzer and signal generator in one instrument, providing great value and performance in this entry class model, suitable university laboratories, research institutions as well as production and service facilities.   The device has the lowest noise floor in its class at 165 dBm and a resolution bandwidth of 1 Hz on a 10.1” WXGA display and inbuilt investment protection with all upgrades available via keycode and no additional calibration required.
    • Rohde & Schwarz HMP power supply family: The R&S HMP power supply family is primarily designed for industrial use and available in four models. With two, three or four output channels and up to 10 A output current per channel, these rugged instruments are ideal for a wide variety of applications, offering high efficiency with low residual ripple and many protection functions and provide up to 80W or 160 W of channel power depending on the model.

    element14’s broad product range is backed up by high standards of service and support. “We are the only global high service distributor with a truly local presence to provide customers with the expertise and advice they need when buying high-value products”, adds McGregor: “element14 can support customers throughout their journey, from product development and test through to supporting their maintenance needs. And all this is supported locally, saving the customer time and money.”

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