Electrification and Digitalization Create Sustainable Value: Ahead of its Capital Markets Day, Infineon Confirms FY21 Guidance and Provides FY22 Outlook


    • Today Infineon is hosting the IFX Day 2021 for investors in a virtual format; motto: Electrification + Digitalization = Sustainable Value!
    • Guidance for FY 2021 fully confirmed, based on preliminary figures: about €11 billion of revenues, above 18% Segment Result Margin, investments of around €1.6 billion, free cash flow of around €1.5 billion
    • For FY 2022, based on an assumed exchange rate of US$1.20 to the euro, revenue is expected to strongly increase by a mid-teens percentage, the Segment Result Margin is forecast at around 20 percent. Investments will be increased to approximately €2.4 billion while maintaining a free cash flow level of around €1 billion

    Infineon Technologies AG provides investors an update on its strategy, business performance, and long-term perspective as well as on the outlook for the fiscal year 2022. The entire Management Board and the heads of all four business segments will discuss market and technology developments, structural growth drivers, the status of the Cypress integration and the financial value creation, based on the through-cycle target operating model of 9%+ revenue growth, 19% Segment Result Margin and 13% investment-to-sales.

    “CO 2 reduction and the desire to make things intelligent and securely connected are major trends across all industries. Electrification and Digitization are secular themes, and semiconductors are indispensable for both of them,” said Infineon’s CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss. “Infineon is successfully managing the cycle and has leading positions in multiple markets with long-duration structural growth drivers. 2022 is shaping up to be a strong year; we are continuing our profitable growth journey and sustainable value creation.”

    Based on preliminary figures, Infineon expects the results of its 2021 fiscal year (ending 30 September 2021) to come in as previously announced, with a revenue level of about €11 billion, a Segment Result Margin of above 18 percent, investments in property, plant and equipment, intangible assets and capitalized development costs amounting to around €1.6 billion and a free cash flow of about €1.5 billion.

    For the 2022 fiscal year, Infineon expects a strong revenue increase and a further margin uplift. Based on the exchange rate of US$1.20 to the euro, revenue is anticipated to grow by a mid-teens percentage. At this level, the Segment Result Margin is forecast to come in at around 20 percent. To benefit from growth opportunities, Infineon aims at significantly increasing investments in the fiscal year just started, to a level of around €2.4 billion. Free cash flow is predicted to come in at around €1 billion.

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