Discovering the latest scoring for mobile audio experience

    DXOMARK introduced a brand-new benchmark for mobile audio quality. DXOMARK Audio assess the capabilities of a mobile’s speaker and microphone, and the scores for the first devices have been tested.

    Evaluating audio quality, the next logical step after image quality in informing mobile users 

    Sound is an essential part of the mobile experience. Whether listening to music, watching videos, recording concerts, recording family events, or gaming, audio quality is more important than ever before. After establishing itself as the best-known reference for image quality, DXOMARK decided to take up audio testing as the next logical step in its mission to help consumers make informed choices.

    DXOMARK Audio, first ever audio benchmark that tests and scores consumer experiences with mobile speakers and microphones

    The audio benchmark evaluates the playback quality of speakers as well as the recording quality of microphones embedded in mobiles. Testing each device involves assessing over 100 audio combinations for several days in our dedicated labs.

    Driven by user experience, the DXOMARK audio test protocol is based on a set of use cases and associated reference audio samples representing a broad range of voices, ambiences, music, and everyday audio environments designed to be comprehensive, robust, and repeatable as a basis for assessment.

    Following a multi-modal scoring structure, each mobile tested receives an overall audio score and several sub-scores based on scientifically performed objective tests and perceptual evaluations.

    A dedicated audio team and a new audio lab for all audio tests

    DXOMARK established an audio team of experienced sound engineers to establish a robust audio testing protocol. They studied various standards from industry associations to identify the representative use cases and relevant audio quality.

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