Security for IoT Devices

Security for IoT Devices and Communication

As we enter the era of Ambient Computing and get immersed in lifestyle enabled by technology, IoT devices need to protect their users in...
Electric Power Steering Systems

Chipset Solution for Electric Power Steering Systems

Electric power steering (EPS) has almost completely replaced hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems. The advantages are obvious: They include higher energy efficiency, as there is...
MOSFET Parameter

Analysis for MOSFET Parameter – EAS (single-pulse avalanche energy)

In the application of flyback topology power supply, the drain-source voltage of MOSFET may exceed the rated value under certain extreme conditions. Engineers prefer...
3D Scanning

High Accuracy 3D Scanning using Technology for Structured Light Introduction

Three-dimensional (3D) scanning is a powerful tool that acquires volumetric data leveraged for various metrology, inspection, detection and 3D imaging equipment. Designers frequently opt...
Unipolar Gate Driver

Driving a Unipolar Gate Driver in a Bipolar Way

No, you can adapt a unipolar gate driver to drive in a bipolar manner. If a positive and negative gate drive is required for a...

2G to 5G Base Station Receiver Design Simplified by Innovative Integrated Transceivers

Base station receiver design can be a daunting task. Typical receiver components such as mixers, low noise amplifiers(LNAs), and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) have progressively...
Chireix amplifier structure

RF Power Amplifier Efficiency: Big Challenges for Designers

The basic laws of thermodynamics ensure that no electronic device can achieve 100% efficiency- although switch-mode power supplies come close (approaching 98%). Unfortunately, anything...
Is my Automotive IC Safe Yet?

Automotive Safety and ISO26262 – Is my Automotive IC Safe Yet?

A number of companies are contemplating entering the fast-growing automotive IC market. However, there are significant barriers to entry and one of those is...
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