DC-DC Voltage Regulation: Complete Solution Targeting PoL Market

The need for high performance in the CPU VR (voltage regulator) world has been with us for a few years now, but increasingly the...
soft robots

Printing the Soft Robots of the Future

Three-dimensional printing offers unique advantages, but still faces many challenges, for fabricating small, flexible robots that can navigate through the human body and other...

Enhanced Protection & Safety Features for High-Rel Power Supplies

Requirements of High-Reliability Power Systems In a perfect world, a high-reliability system should be designed to avoid single point failures and provide a means of...
Power Modules packaging

How Power Modules Simplify and Accelerate Product Designs

Every circuit, from the smallest Internet-of-Things (IoT) home-automation sensor to the largest industrial machine, requires power. The power supply requires effort and board space,...

Murphy’s Law and the Risks of Designing “Off Data Sheet”

This application note considers off-data-sheet operation of integrated circuits (ICs). It discusses the pitfalls awaiting engineers who have not experienced Murphy's Law, which is...
I.H.P. SAW Filters

Innovation in Technological Development Realizes High-Performance Surface Acoustic Wave Devices

Communications terminals are equipped with radio frequency filters, or RF filters, which process signals over a range of 800 MHz to 2500 MHz. Filters...
lead type multilayer ceramic capacitor

For 200°C automobile: Murata to bring Lead type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed the RHS series of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors for automobile use at maximum usage temperature of 200°C. The...
Embedded Systems

Multi-Decade Design Simplifies Current Monitoring

Using a DMM on fixed ranges can be frustrating, but this simple design idea allows current monitoring from μA to over 100mA in a...
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