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    COSEC APTA is a comprehensive mobile based employee portal

    Mobiles have managed to seep into our daily lives and to the extent that we often find ourselves at a loss without them. However, mobile devices have become an important and key player for enterprises, since there are various applications developed that make lives of employees and supervisors far easier. Mobile-based applications have found use as a management tool for employees’ time-attendance, leave and access control options. Matrix too has taken advantage of and adapted this technology in their enterprise-grade solutions.

    Matrix COSEC APTA is a comprehensive mobile based employee portal that allows COSEC users to monitor and manage their Time-Attendance and leaves. Employees and managers can access their Time-Attendance information easily and perform related tasks remotely, which reduces a significant amount of time they usually spent on these issues. The portal can also be utilized in controlling unauthorized access to restricted and risk-prone areas within the organizational premises.

    The key features of COSEC APTA are as mentioned below:

    • Automatic Attendance Marking using Wi-Fi/GPS
    • Location Tracking through GPS
    • Bluetooth and QR Code based Access Control
    • Attendance on Move for Field Employees
    • View Daily and Monthly Attendance, Leave and Shift Details
    • Employees can Add/Edit Personal Details Directly on the Portal
    • Email and SMS Notifications
    • Visitor Pre-registration
    • Cafeteria Management
    • Convenient Virtual ID Card
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