For Configurable Mixed-signal Technology Jabra recognized Silego with “Innovation Award”

On May 25, Silego Technology Inc. announced that Jabra, at its recent supplier conference, recognized Silego with the “Innovation Award” for Silego’s Configurable Mixed-signal IC, or CMIC, technology and products. Silego’s technology has enabled Jabra to design complex power-line communication into high-density headsets, reducing the number of contact points and providing a sleek industrial design.

Silego is the pioneer and market leader in CMICs. Silego’s CMICs use Non-Volatile Memory to configure and integrate analog, digital logic and power functions, which allows design engineers to reduce power, cost, size and time to market. Since the introduction of CMICs, Silego has developed five generations of CMIC silicon and design tools. Each generation has added functionality and enhanced the design experience. Over 2.7 billion CMICs devices have been sold since Silego’s inception.

At the supplier event, Bo Schmidt, Jabra’s Director of R&D, remarked, “During product development, we have been able to pack complex functions into single Silego CMICs and make and test design spins within hours while saving PCB cycles.”

Mike Noonen, Silego’s VP of Sales and Business Development, added “Silego is honored with this award and delighted to support innovative customers like Jabra to reduce space, bill of materials, power and design cycles with our CMICs.”

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