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    Why a Company Needs Biometric Security

    Security threats are on the rise and it has become a major challenge for decision-making officials to come up with new and more comprehensive security systems in order to keep the offenders at bay.

    Billions of dollars are lost every year due to various security breaches in companies, banks, hotels etc. Some organizations have implemented simple door locks with passwords in order to provide more convenience and ease of access for the employees. But in many such situations, passwords that are used are common. Moreover, passwords are likely to become a vulnerable link to your organization since employees may tend to forget or share their passwords with others. Biometric measures could significantly improve the integrity of information possessions by providing a unique trait.

    Biometric is a complex technology but when supported by new services and improved processes, this technology can lead to profound improvements. Moving forward, various organizations in India, both private and public sectors, are expected to embed biometrics in their security solutions, whereby authentications will be established through various biometric technologies.

    There are many biometric technologies available in the market, but each technology has its pros and cons. While selecting any new biometric device people are concerned about various parameters depending on their applications. They consider the type of security it provides, ease of use, the speed of identification and verification, verification through touch required or not, false acceptance and rejection ratio, the total cost of the product, usage environment, and finally its life.

    Is biometric security necessary for your company?

    As seen in our surrounding, biometric has taken over the electronic security systems. Even a small device as a mobile phone includes a biometric protection and not just that, Windows 10 operating system has also incorporated the use of a biometric security platform. So, if people think of securing information in a device as small as a mobile phone, surely your company has way too important assets to be secured.

    So, the answer is YES, it is essential for any company to follow the biometric trend for security. It would transform the future processes as biometrics is the most sophisticated technology for authentication, verification and identification purposes, and more companies and establishments are embracing it.

    What other things does it have to offer?

    Well, usually the users (company owners) only know about the biometric hardware device which allows limited people through the door. What they don’t know is, together with the biometric device used with the door locks for access control, it also has various features that will enhance and customize the security at your premises.

    Zone/Time/User-based Access Control: Limit entry of specified users in a specified area for a specified time period. For example, a certain visitor is only allowed in room 1 and 2 between 13:00-15:00 hours.

    Dual Authentication: Here, two specified people will punch in the device to open a door. Neither of the two will be able to open the door alone (in case one decides to go corrupt).

    Occupancy Control: Decide and limit the number of people allowed in a room depending on the size of the room. The room can also be constantly monitored by relative occupancy where at least one person stays in the room.

    Guard Touring: This makes sure that the guard/watchman is up all night and not sleeping during duty hours. The guard has to go and punch at the device at every decided interval of time (you can either make him mark his presence in the same device all night or make him circle the block and make him mark his presence at various devices placed across the premises).

    Visitor Escorting: Assign one employee to visitor/s for the convenience of visitors and safety of the premises.

    Like above, there are plenty other uses and features of access control that can be used to secure the premises of your company. Then why just limit yourself with the conventional lock and key?


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