Compact, High-Performance, Cost-Effective Modular Switching Regulators

    Rutronik24 has announced that RECOM’s latest R-78E Series switching regulator module is now available at Rutronik24. RECOM, a leading, innovative manufacturer of DC-DC and AC-DC converters, switching regulators, and LED drivers, designed the R-78E Series as a pin-compatible drop-in replacement for existing LM78 linear regulators, offering design engineers all the advantages of a switching regulator, including high efficiency, wide input voltage range, and accurate output voltage regulation, with a low cost in production quantities.

    RECOM’s R-78E Series non-isolated switching regulator module features converter efficiency up to 95%, without requiring a heat sink. Available in a compact TO-220 compatible SIP3 package that measures only 11.6 x 8.5 x 10.4mm, the R-78E Series saves valuable board space. The R-78E Series also meets IEC/EN60950-1 certifications.

    “RECOM’s R-78E Series switching regulator offers a pre-tested solution for replacing inefficient linear supplies, which makes designing a switching regulator circuit efficient and cost-effective,” said Mary Ellen Bauchman, Director, Product Marketing North America, at Rutronik. “With high start-up current capability, pin compatibility, and compact size, the modular switching regulators can be easily integrated into existing designs, saving design engineers both time and money.”

    The switching regulators are available in stock from Rutronik’s Texas facility with input voltages ranging from 6–28V at RECOM offers a three-year warranty for the R-78E Series products.

    For more information on the R-78E Modular Switching Regulators Series from RECOM, visit:

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