CIPOS Tiny added to complement intelligent power module family

Infineon Technologies AG adds a new member to its growing family of intelligent power modules (IPMs): CIPOS Tiny. The 3-phase inverter module is the newest generation of IPM to offer the highest power density for variable speed motor drives. By using the latest TRENCHSTOP IGBT6, it is possible to realize maximum efficiency with minimum footprint. Applications profiting from CIPOS Tiny include high efficiency washing machines, fans, compressors, and industrial drives. The IPM will allow customers to reduce system cost, improve reliability, and lower energy consumption. CIPOS Tiny will be showcased at PCIM 2019.

The advanced CIPOS Tiny is molded in a compact and fully isolated thermally enhanced 34 x 15 mm2 package. In addition, system mechanical design flexibility is also considered by offering both Tiny SIP and DIP form factors. It offers an integrated high precision temperature monitor, over-current protection, and under-voltage lockout function. With these features, the IPM delivers a high system level protection and enables fail-safe operation. Utilizing the newest single 3-phase level-shifting high voltage driver IC adds to highest efficiency and ruggedness. The gate driver is compatible down to 3.3 V controller outputs.


The CIPOS Tiny IM393 series features a blocking voltage of 600 V and four output current class: Tiny S (6 A) / Tiny M (10 A) / Tiny L (15 A) / Tiny X (20 A).

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