Celebrating Disruptive Innovation with Supply Chain Navigator from Avnet

E-pub showcases pioneering approaches to supply chain finance, employee engagement and global sourcing

Avnet, a leading global technology distributor, on May 23, released the May 2017 issue of Supply Chain Navigatorthe award-winning journal dedicated to supply chain thought leadership. This special edition examines how industry leaders including Cisco, General Electric, Nestle, Nike and Puma are reimagining their businesses and their supply networks to keep pace with the leapfrog advances in the “golden triangle” – people, processes and technology – that are radically transforming the global manufacturing sector.

The cover story, Making in America, delves into the factors compelling manufacturers to transfer operations away from “low-cost” regions in Asia to in-country/for country production, the challenges they are facing, and how the maker movement may save the day for multinationals struggling to remain competitive.

Also featured is an exclusive interview with Johannes Giloth, senior vice president, global operations and chief procurement officer for Nokia, a company that pre-emptively orchestrated its own disruption over the past several years and has emerged stronger than ever. Giloth offers a compelling look into Nokia’s fundamental transformation and the strategic role supply chain and operations played in this remarkable journey.

“In most other contexts, disruption is considered a negative force. But in the tech sector, disruption equals progress,” said Wade McDaniel, vice president of Supply Chain Solutions, Avnet Velocity and publisher of Supply Chain Navigator. “Members of the supply chain are fighting both global economic headwinds and an existential conflict between established strategies and emerging requirements. With the diverse array of creative initiatives presented within this issue, we hope to give readers some practical insight into the art and science of disruptive innovation.”