Brand new current sensing article for embedded power systems

ACEINNA announced the availability of a new article for engineers involved in developing power management solutions for a diverse range of automotive, telecommunications, industrial and industrial applications.

Authored by Khagendra Thapa, VP Current Sensor Product for ACEINNA, this new whitepaper outlines the need for improved current sensor technologies, faster switching, and unique power requirements for Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitrate power systems, as well as power for reluctance motors.  The white paper also explains what AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistive) technology is and discusses its advantages for current sensing versus other sensing technologies such as hall effect, transformers and shunt resistor.

“Integrated, AMR based current censors provides the best performance for the price in the industry,” says Khagendra Thapa, VP Current Sensor Product for ACEINNA. “An AMR based sensor is especially valuable for applications where isolation is needed, due to its construction, compared to legacy methods.”

Additionally, this article explains how a unique U-shaped current path architecture that utilizes two side by side AMR sensors is able to nullify external magnetic fields, providing the design engineer with a great deal more flexibility regarding the sensors placement on the end device.

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