Blaize encouraging New Edge AI Use Cases: Visit Blaize at CES 2021

Blaize today announced that it will be demonstrating its Edge AI hardware and software products for Automobility, Smart Vision for Industry 4.0, Retail and Enterprise applications at the virtual CES 2021 exhibition. New to the market in recent months, Blaize low-power, low latency, high-efficiency platforms are sweeping away traditional obstacles to successful AI edge deployment and rapid ROI.

Time: Blaize Exhibition Showcase will be staffed for chat and meetings from 4am – 10pm PST, and CES attendees can message Blaize booth staff 24×7.  Meetings can be conducted on the CES platform through January 14, and after staffing hours by arrangement as well. The platform will be online after the show through February 15, 2021.

Learn how:

  • Blaize Pathfinder and Xplorer AI Edge Computing platforms deliver up to 60x greater systems efficiency, 10x lower latency, and 50x less memory bandwidth vs. GPUs/CPUs – for edge AI performance without compromise.
  • New open & code-free Blaize AI Studio software brings high velocity to the end-to-end edge AI application development cycle, shrinking it from months to days for a quicker path to ROI.  l Breakthrough Blaize offerings are inspiring AI Edge use cases across multiple industries – manufacturing, automobility, smart city, retail.

Learn more, visit

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