AVX at CMSE 2017 will Present & Exhibit components for Military & Space Electronics

    AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, will deliver two technical presentations, teach a training seminar, and exhibit at the 21st annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition (CMSE 2017), which will take place April 11–13, 2017 at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Los Angeles.

    Recognized as the most comprehensive conference dedicated to successful practices for the use of both military and COTS components in military and space systems, CMSE addresses topics including: electronic components, testing, reliability, and supply chain, and places a special emphasis on new technology and design practices. The first day of CMSE 2017 will be comprised of four in-depth training seminars, one of which — Morning Session B, entitled “Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Technology: Materials, Processes, and Reliability Considerations” — will be taught by AVX’s Ceramics Technical Manager, John Marshall, and will address capacitor materials and manufacturing processes, capacitor defect types and screening techniques, and BME capacitor design and evaluation for space applications. Days two and three of the event will feature exhibition hours and a total of five technical conference sessions, one of which (Session 2) will feature two AVX presentations and be chaired by AVX Fellow and member of the CMSE Program Committee, Ron Demcko.

    “We’re very pleased to have been invited to participate in and contribute to the CMSE conference and exhibition for the fifth consecutive year,” said AVX Fellow, Ron Demcko. “CMSE is an industry-shaping event created by engineers for engineers and product management, and provides an ideal environment for industry experts to share the latest information about military and space components. CMSE also allows attendees to collaborate with top component and design engineers, engineering and product managers, and quality assurance personnel and procurement executives to address and solve design and deployment issues pertaining to these critical devices, which is both unique and crucial to the future success of these markets.”

    On Wednesday, April 12, Ron Demcko will co-chair Session 2: Passive Components and Packaging Methods for Hi Rel/Space Applications, which will feature AVX Technical Marketing Manager Chris Reynolds’ presentation, “Tantalum Polymer Capacitors: COTS Plus Solutions for Space Applications,” as well as another presentation by John Marshall, entitled “Base Metal Ceramic Capacitors for High Reliability Applications.”

    For more information about the 2017 Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition, please visit: to access the advanced conference program.

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