AVX gains Medical Design Briefs’ 2016 Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award

    AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of passive components and interconnect solutions, has won Medical Design Briefs’ 2016 Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award for its Accu-P MP Series medical-grade thin film chip capacitors for RF signal and power applications in implantable medical devices, marking their second win in the awards’ four-year history. The first was for the company’s TAZ HRC5000 Series medical-grade tantalum capacitors back in 2013. Selected from amongst the 12 products that earned recognition as a Medical Design Briefs Product of the Month throughout the course of the year, the 2016 Medical Design Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award honors the two most significant new products introduced to the medical engineering community in 2016, as determined by raw reader votes.

    “We’re both proud and honored to have won Medical Design Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award twice in its short history,” said Bob Fairey, vice president – Medical Division, AVX. “AVX has long been committed to providing the medical electronics industry with innovative component solutions especially designed to suit their specific needs, and offers a wide variety of highly specialized medical components critical to enabling countless medical devices directly responsible for preserving and improving human health. So, this latest award really validates the efforts of our hard-working engineering team, whose innovations provide critical support for next-generation medical electronics.”

    AVX’s Accu-P MP Series capacitors deliver extremely tight capacitive tolerances, exceptionally repeatable performance, and remarkably low ESR and high Q at high frequencies across VHF, UHF, and RF bands. Based on well-established thin film technology and materials, the series is subjected to on-line process control procedures, in addition to accelerated life, damp, and heat testing and final quality inspections for capacitance, proof voltage, IR and breakdown voltage distribution, temperature coefficient, solderability, and dimensional, mechanical, and temperature stability. Ideal for use in medical RF signal and power applications that require extremely high accuracy, such as embedded medical systems and implantable medical devices, Accu-P MP Series capacitors also exhibit high stability with respect to temperature, time, frequency, and voltage variation and — designed for soldering onto flexible or alumina circuit boards — can withstand the time and temperature profiles used in both wave and reflow soldering methods.

    The series is currently available in three standard case sizes (0201, 0402, and 0603), five rated voltages (10V, 16V, 25V, 50V, and 100V), two dielectric temperature coefficients (0±30ppm/°C and 0±60ppm/°C), and with capacitive tolerances spanning ±0.01pF to ±5%. Rated for use in operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C, the series is also available with tin/lead (Sn/Pb) terminations or RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible 100% tin terminations. Components are shipped in bulk or on 7” or 13” reels, and should be handled with plastic-tipped tweezers, vacuum pick-ups, or other pick-and-place machinery.

    For more information about AVX’s award-winning Accu-P MP Series medical-grade thin film chip capacitors, please visit

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