Avnet’s Nicole Enright achieves name among Top 50 Powerful Women in Technology

    Leading an enterprise-wide transformation requires executives who embrace change as much as they understand their business. Exemplifying this commitment is Nicole Enright of global technology solutions company Avnet, who has been named to the National Diversity Council’s 2019 list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology.

    As senior vice president of business transformation for Avnet, Enright led the company’s most innovative programs, as well as the global project and program management office, to create a corporate culture that today operates with improved efficiencies and adapts quickly to the changing needs of customers and suppliers. In February of 2019, Enright was named vice president of Avnet Integrated Americas, the company’s global business division focused on embedded and data center solutions.

    The National Diversity Council is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering a learning environment for organizations to grow their knowledge of diversity, by affording opportunities to share best practices and learn from corporate leaders in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology list recognizes women leaders, influencers, executives and achievers who have a strong impact on the industry and are molding the future of technology with their insight and leadership.

    During the last few years, Avnet has transformed into a technology solutions company with an extensive ecosystem of experts to support customers at every stage of the product lifecycle, and Enright has been instrumental in implementing this change. She has contributed to the growth of Avnet through M&A activities, divestitures, and by implementing a flexible time off program during her time in human resources. Enright is also a leader in Avnet’s RISE program, which provides career and leadership development, celebrates achievements and promotes diversity of women in Avnet’s workforce, where she has mentored other women throughout the organization and served as leadership development committee chair.

    “Nicole is an experienced, passionate leader and role model who inspires and mentors others throughout the company every day,” said Bill Amelio, Chief Executive Officer. “She embodies our company’s values of integrity, collaboration, empathy and ingenuity, and has been a driving force in implementing Avnet’s transformation to a technology solutions company. This is a well-deserved recognition, and all of us at Avnet applaud Nicole for this distinguished honor.”

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