Avnet to Showcase Smart City IoT Solutions at IoT Asia 2018 in Singapore

    Avnet Asia, a leading global distributor and technology solutions provider, will be showcasing industry-leading smart city IoT solutions at this year’s IoT Asia 2018 event in Singapore with an exhibit at Booth CO2; and, with Lou Lutostanski, Avnet’s vice president, Internet of Things, speaking at the event on the topic of “De-risking IoT for the broad market: The role of the solution provider in aligning the ecosystem for success in IoT”.

    The democratization of technology in IoT applications is bringing a wave of digital transformation and disruption. Lutostanski commented, “While this presents vast potential economic value in IoT projects, many organizations struggle to get their projects off the ground. Avnet helps customers to realize their IoT potential from the start, enabling the seamless delivery of innovative solutions to market through each stage of the IoT lifecycle.”

    He added, “The IoT ecosystem comprises a broad range of players; from system integrators, service providers, and device manufacturers to cloud platform providers and components suppliers working independently.”

    Avnet’s connected ecosystem effectively addresses this challenge by bringing these key players together, and by providing a holistic approach to drive future-ready innovation and sustainable smart city initiatives. Avnet’s full suite of IoT services helps customers overcome challenges related to design, connectivity, delivery, data analytics, project complexity and other issues.

    Avnet will be exhibiting at Booth CO2, Hall 3 on both days of the expo, demonstrating a broad range of edge-to-enterprise IoT solutions in the areas of Smart Monitoring, Smart Home, Smart Surveillance, Smart Cloud, and Smart Care, along with Avnet partners: Infineon, Medium One, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors, TE Connectivity, Toshiba and Xilinx. Solutions will highlight the limitless possibilities and benefits that Singapore can derive in its journey towards co-creating a smarter and secure future.

    Some of the solutions to be demonstrated on-site include: real-time monitoring of air quality by measuring carbon dioxide levels and connecting to cloud utilizing narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), water level monitoring measurement empowered by Sigfox, highly secure smart lighting system, SmartThings that works with voice assistant, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh that extends wireless networking, and smart cameras offering real time feed for surveillance in traffic monitoring, face and people detection.

    The Internet of Things is one of the factors that will play a key role in Singapore’s vision towards becoming a Smart Nation. With a greater push towards building intelligence to develop smart services and solutions, IoT will drive exponential improvements in areas such as healthcare, transportation and lifestyle.

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