Avnet appoints Pete Bartolotta as President of Business Transformation

    Avnet, a leading global technology solutions provider, named Pete Bartolotta to President, Business Transformation, reporting to CEO Bill Amelio. Bartolotta has held the position of Chief Transformation Officer since joining Avnet in 2016.

    As President of Business Transformation, Bartolotta is responsible for scaling Avnet’s high-growth solutions, including Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), global design services and Avnet Integrated, to expand opportunities with existing and new types of customers around the world. Bartolotta set Avnet’s IoT strategy in place as its transformation began in 2017, and has continually built upon the company’s capabilities in both hardware and software as well as its expertise in helping customers successfully transform their business models through IoT and AI.

    Under Pete’s leadership, Avnet acquired Softweb Solutions and was selected by Microsoft as the lead partner for Azure Sphere, a groundbreaking secure MCU that introduces chip-level security into IoT solutions. Bartolotta introduced these new capabilities and built upon the success of Avnet’s unique end-to-end ecosystem to create an IoT strategy that simplifies the complexity of IoT by offering hardware, software and security expertise through one partner—one that can speed their time to market with rapid design, development and deployment capabilities.

    “IoT is at the heart of Avnet’s transformation, and Pete’s leadership in this area has helped us dramatically reshape our business into a comprehensive ecosystem that provides more value to our customers,” said Bill Amelio, CEO, Avnet. “As IoT and AI continue to reshape the world around us, Pete will build upon the great progress he’s made and use his extensive leadership experience and technology expertise to continue to drive successful transformative change.”

    Prior to joining Avnet, Bartolotta led the Helicopter Services unit of CHC Helicopter as COO and president, where he implemented global systems that significantly reduced system redundancies and drove transformation efforts that improved operational efficiencies. His career spans leadership roles at: Lenovo, NCR Corporation, Allied Signal and IBM. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from SUNY Binghamton and an MBA from University of Texas at Austin.

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