ASM to present its Tools and Solutions for the SMT factory at Smart Factory Days

On April 15th and 16th, during the Smart Factory Days, ASM’s Center of Competence experts will present an overview of smart tools and solutions for smart factory, and they will keep hands-on sessions like central processes of a modern SMT factory as well as multi-line and multi-plant software. There will also be an exclusive inside glimpse of future ASM developments in this field.

The smart SMT factory is no longer a vision of the future. There will be a showcase of concrete examples of ways in which the KPIs of the production with solutions, available today could be improved. And since many SMT manufacturing activities require central control and monitoring capabilities, the experts will show the easy implementation techniques with ASM solutions like the ASM Production Planner, the ASM Performance Monitor, and the ASM Command Center.

Rapid advances in robotics open the door to new and exciting ways of deploying this technology and combining it with legacy processes to improve the overall efficiency of your factory. There will be a glimpse of see how the advances can be implemented and learnt from real robotics use cases and how one can automate the production as effectively as possible.

Modern machines generate huge amounts of data today. With IPC CFX and ASM Remote Smart Factory, the line communication and production processes for the entire SMT line could be stabilized, controlled and optimized automatically. Experts will also show how to turn big data into smart data.

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