Anritsu Introduces Signal Analyzer

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With Best-in-class Close-in Phase Noise Performance to Verify Narrowband Wireless Equipment and Devices

MS2840A Supports Wideband and Narrowband Measurements to Create Cost-efficient Single Instrument for Testing Microwave Backhaul and PMR, as well as Satellite Communications and Radar 

New Delhi/ Bangalore – Anritsu introduces MS2840A signal analyzer that features broad frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 44.5 GHz and best-in-class close-in SSB phase noise performance. With the high-end performance and frequency coverage that can be extended to the millimeter wave (mmWave) range, the MS2840A is a highly accurate tool to conduct wideband and narrowband measurements on next-generation 4G/5G designs, such as microwave and mmWave wireless backhaul, 79 GHz band automobile radar, satellite communications and VHF/UHF Private Mobile Radio (PMR), during R&D and manufacturing.

The MS2840A is designed with an advanced high-performance oscillator to achieve close-in SSB phase noise performance of –123 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz measurement frequency and 10 kHz offset frequency. Various convenient measurement functions for measuring Tx characteristics, including wireless transmitter spurious, adjacent channel leakage power, spectrum mask, and frequency count, are standard in the MS2840A signal analyzer.

A versatile instrument that meets the needs of engineers designing 4G/5G products, the MS2830A also is designed with a built-in signal analyzer that supports power vs. time; frequency vs. time; phase vs. time; and spectrogram measurements. Adding vector modulation analysis software and analog measurement software options support evaluation of various digital and analog wireless modulation signals, as well as adds functions for measuring amplifier noise figure (NF) values.

mmWave Measurements

For measuring mmWave wireless equipment, 79 GHz band automobile radar and other high-frequency designs requiring high sensitivity, the MS2840A can be integrated with the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A or MA2808A that enables spectrum measurements between 50 GHz and 75 GHz or between 60 GHz and 90 GHz. Connecting the high-performance waveguide mixer to the MS2840A supports high dynamic range measurements, as well as eliminates image-response effects at wideband signal measurements, making it ideal for measuring mmWave wideband wireless equipment. With the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2808A connected to the MS2840A, SSB phase noise performance of –100dBc/Hz at an offset frequency of 10 kHz in the 79 GHz band, and a high sensitivity of –150 dBm/Hz in the 75 GHz band are achieved.

Contact: Madhukar Tripathi, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Channel Sales, Anritsu India Pvt Ltd, Phone +91 120 4211330-31-32, Cell Phone : +91 9310 666 466, Email

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