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    Anritsu Brings Software Tools for New Generation Remote Spectrum Monitoring Solutions

    Anritsu Company introduces SpectraVision, a suite of software tools for its MS2710xA family that creates a new generation of spectrum monitoring solutions to provide signal detection and quality analysis for TETRA and satellite signals. Also featured is a channel scanner designed to rapidly measure power levels in various frequency bands. Featuring standard as well as application-specific packages, SpectraVision provides government regulators, satellite operators, and TETRA operators with the necessary tools to monitor signal quality and identify problem signals as they occur in real time before they adversely affect network operation.

    SpectraVision can be used to control Anritsu MS2710xA spectrum monitoring solutions, as well as to visualize various signal parameter measurements on a PC or tablet. The standard version includes methods for establishing a communications link to the remote spectrum monitor, and enabling various controls and settings, marker functions and other base services. Spectrum monitor settings also include frequency settings, RBW/VBW, attenuator control, and preamp control. Record/Replay capabilities are integrated in SpectraVision to capture snapshots and measurements, as are zoom features to easily focus on frequency bands of interest.

    Government Regulators

    Government regulators can use the channel scanner to examine occupancy usage in each frequency band. Lower limit thresholds can be tested for the absence of signals in a given band, so regulators can consider re-purposing certain frequencies. Upper threshold limits can also be detected to determine if licensed broadcasters exceed their authorized power limits or if there are illegal broadcasts in channels that should be vacant. Real-time alarms notify regulators when violations occur and allow threshold violations to be recorded along with the date/time of their occurrence.


     Designed to locate and test over-the-air (OTA) performance of Terrestrial Trunked Radio systems, the TETRA Signal Analyzer option combines a signal analyzer and scanner. Users can select a frequency band to scan for any TETRA signals that exceed a user-settable power threshold. A signal can be further demodulated showing various signal quality parameters, such as RSSI, channel power, C/N ratio, Eb/No, data rates, EVM, MER and modulation/coding schemes. A summary screen provides information on the mobile and base color codes, network codes and location area code. Examining these values can help diagnose the causes and location of user-reported performance issues, while helping to insure that new systems are ready for mission-critical usage.


    SpectraVision’s Satellite Analyzer option can find, demodulate and display satellite signals using the DVB-S1, DVB-S2 or IESS standards. Once a communications link is established, SprectraVision will constantly monitor the satellite signal for quality parameters, such as MER, EVM and C/N. Alarms can be emailed in real-time for remedial action.

    An innovative feature for SpectraVision’s satellite monitoring system is the ability to perform moving averages of signal quality over time. These measurements allow the operator to observe trends in signal performance to discover problems before they cause major system failures.

    Anritsu Software Tools

    Remote Spectrum Monitoring Family

     The Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor platform consists of three models. Certified with an IP67 rating, the MS27102A is ideal for outdoor monitoring applications and can be wall- or pole-mounted. With an operating temperature range of –40⁰ C to +55⁰ C, one (or optionally two) weather-resistant RF In ports, a rugged weatherized case and splash-proof design, the MS27102A performs in the most extreme weather conditions.

    Designed for multiple antenna applications that cover wide frequency ranges, the MS27103A helps operators provide quality services to consumers and meet KPIs for a maximum return on network investment. It is well suited for cellular operators requiring spectrum monitoring coverage for multiple sectors and numerous frequencies per sector at their BTS locations.

    The MS27101A addresses the market need for white space monitoring, harm claim threshold detection, in-building interference monitoring, positive train control system protection and locating illegal/unlicensed signal sources or similar interference. Housed in a half-rack enclosure, the MS27101A is ideal for spectrum monitoring where a small footprint is required.

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