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    Analog Devices: High Efficiency, Low Cost, Sensorless Motor Control.

    In these days of soaring fuel prices everyone is concerned about the efficiency of their
    appliances. The energy consumed by the electric motor represents a large portion of the
    total energy used in electric appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, and
    washing machines. Thus, many manufacturers are now using three phase, permanent
    magnet, inverter driven, variable speed motors to achieve their efficiency goals.

    Two common motors are the brushless direct current (BLDC) motor, and the brushless
    alternating current (BLAC) which is also known as the permanent magnet synchronous
    motor (PMSM). These motors are intrinsically more efficient than the induction motor
    because the magnetic field of the rotor is supplied by the permanent magnets rather than
    by the electromagnet used in the induction machines. Thus, they are suitable for the new
    generation of appliances.

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