All new INSPECTIS Overlay Assisted Inspection advanced digital camera inspection systems

The fastest and most accurate technique for the human eye and mind to detect defects is through visual comparison of graphic images. Defects that otherwise might be overlooked become immediately apparent, which is why INSPECTIS AB has developed the concept of Overlay Assisted Inspection, or OAI, for its advanced digital camera inspection systems.

The new INSPECTIS OAI (easily remembered due to its similarity to AOI) leverages INSPECTIS’ recently-released new, more powerful software package version 5.0 incorporating the new Overlay Software feature. This feature uses ‘Compare Windows’, for example, where the operator can compare a live image to a reference picture or compare 2-4 still images to each other.

With INSPECTIS OAI, a live image can be overlaid on a reference picture with timer-controlled interval display. It’s an efficient tool for identifying missing components, wrong polarity, misplacements and other defects on assembled PCBs. New overlay features include a built-in DXF creator and an editor for producing scaled overlay graticules. The user can create a DXF file from an object by optical edge detection, plus edit, draw patterns, shapes, add text and overlay on a live image. Save in DXF or PNG format and display as a Digital Graticule on the live image.

INSPECTIS’ OAI Package includes a new dedicated stand for quick precision alignment of boards. It’s a simple and efficient system that can be used with INSPECTIS FHD or UHD (4K) microscopes for the full range of magnification possibilities.

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