Aerotech Expands its Capabilities with a Dedicated Building in Germany

On March 2, 2016 Aerotech celebrated the groundbreaking for its new Aerotech Germany office in Fürth, Germany. Construction and relocation to the new building has been completed and the opening ceremony was held on May 18th, 2017.

According to Norbert Ludwig, the Managing Director of Aerotech Germany, “We had approximately 40 participants from outside [Aerotech] plus 20 Aerotech Representatives at the opening ceremony. Participants at the opening ceremony included customers and suppliers, architects, and craftspeople. Our special guest was the Major of the city of Fürth.”

After a general welcome, Norbert Ludwig gave a presentation on Aerotech GmbH describing the new, greatly expanded support capabilities in Germany, followed by some greetings and welcome words from the President of Aerotech, Mark Botos. After lunch was the speech from the Major of Fürth and a presentation of an invited speaker, a Physics professor from a German university, talking about laser structuring of materials using Aerotech components.

The opening ceremony was very well received and we look forward to the additional sales, service, and support that our new office will allow us to extend to our customers in Germany, as well as throughout Europe. The German building now joins our dedicated United Kingdom building, as well as our network of offices and representatives, in support of our European customers.

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