AEC-Q101 Qualified High Voltage Thyristors and Diodes

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced 37 new high voltage thyristors and diodes for automotive applications. Qualified to AEC-Q101, the Vishay Semiconductors devices offer repetitive voltages from 600 V to 1600 V and wide current ranges in three package options.

    The devices released today are available in surface-mount DPAK (TO-252AA) and D²PAK (TO-263AB) packages and in the through-hole TO-247AD. The nine new thyristors deliver continuous RMS on-state current from 12 A to 79 A, while the 28 standard and fast recovery diodes offer forward current from 8 A to 65 A. All devices provide up to 1000 V/µs immunity.

    The thyristors and diodes are designed for use in the 50 Hz / 60 Hz AC line rectification stage for on-board battery chargers in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), where they supply a full range of charging power from 3 kW to over 30 kW. For inrush current limiting, the thyristors enable soft start functionality without the use of resistors and bulky mechanical relays.

    Device Specification Table:



    IRMS (A)



    D²PAK (TO-263AB)

    12 to 25

    800 to 1600



    30 to 79

    1200 to 1600



    IF(AV) (A)

    VRRM (V)


    DPAK (TO-252AA)


    600 to 1600

    Single; Fast recovery; standard recovery

    D²PAK (TO0263AB)

    10 to 25

    600 to 1200


    35 to 65

    600 to 1600

    Samples and production quantities of the new thyristors and diodes are available now, with lead times of 12 to 14 weeks.

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