Accurex Solutions of India Wins MIRTEC Europe 2016 Sales Award 

MIRTEC, “The Global Leader in Inspection Technology,” announced that Accurex Solutions of India has won their 2016 Sales Award, leading in equipment sales for all MIRTEC Europe distributors. For 29 years, Accurex Solutions has been the leading manufacturers’ supplier and service provider in India. 
“We are pleased, honored, and humbled to accept this award on behalf of Accurex,” commented Sankara Narayanan, Director of Marketing at Accurex. “The unwavering belief in Accurex from David [Bennett, President of MIRTEC Europe] and his team motivated us to achieve our best. ‘Seeing is believing’ is true with MIRTEC. Wherever we have demonstrated the MIRTEC system, the customers are thrilled due to ease of programming, unmatched fault detection, and the image clarity in the repair station. This helped the operator to see the defects with unmatched clarity, and helped them to improve their process, which in turn helped us in winning the orders. MIRTEC products are simply amazing. I had a pleasant surprise when I heard from our EMS customer that they programmed 62 boards in 1 month. This clearly shows how easy it is to use the system, and the repeat orders we have won is a clear indication of this!”
Accurex’s mission is to be the best in sales and after-sales support of capital equipment in the assembly of PCB and semiconductors, and to provide the most economic solutions in building customized ATEs. Accurex’s founding vision has been to be recognized as the leader in their field and uphold their high standard of business ethics.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ram and Sankar at Accurex for many years, and their success doesn’t surprise me at all. I was pleased to be in India recently to see them receive the “Best Indian Distributor” award and I can confirm that the Accurex team is one of the most professional teams in the world. I look forward to continuing our relationship and success,” said David Bennett, President of Mirtec Europe.
MIRTEC Europe prides itself on its business philosophy of providing customers with the highest quality products and services at competitive pricing, and recognizes that customers are the source of future growth and, as such, strives for a strong, reliable and long-term partnership based on trust and respect. MIRTEC Europe is proud to work with Accurex and congratulates them on a banner year of sales!
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