Bigwigs join hands to accelerate 5G small-cell development based on qualcomm platform

Mobile network operators are increasingly looking to small cells to densify capacity on 5G networks in order to support enhanced quality of experience (QoE) and reduce the overall cost of increasing capacity. Shenzhen Gongjin (known as T&W) will combine Altran’s 5G NR RAN Software framework with its small cell solutions, based on the Qualcomm FSM100xx 5G Platform, to reduce time to market for operators.

Altran’s 5G NR RAN software framework contains 3GPP-specified Layer 2 and 3, which is fully compliant to the F1 interface between central unit (CU) and distributed unit (DU) modules and will be integrated with Qualcomm FSM100xx PHY.  Leveraging deep expertise in developing reliable, robust and interoperable 5G solutions, the Altran framework supports both millimeter wave (mmW) and sub-6 GHz bands and is fully compliant with 3GPP and ORAN specifications.

T&W is a prominent LTE small cell provider, as well as a manufacturer of broadband access products. The company is expanding its small cell product line to support 5G, including support for the Qualcomm FSM100xx 5G Platform, which will provide best-in-class 5G small-cell systems.

“5G can drive a wide array of use cases, ranging from low-latency IoT deployments to high-speed mobile broadband on varying spectrum bands and deployments,” said N. Mohan Rangan, Group SVP and Chief Engineering Officer at Altran. “Combining Altran’s flexible, scalable 5G RAN software framework with T&W’s Qualcomm SoC-based solution will enable the quick development and deployment of 5G small-cell solutions that cater to different verticals and a wide variety of mobile broadband business use cases.”

The solution’s CU and DU modules are highly optimized on target platforms to meet the stringent performance needs for carrier aggregation. The CU module is platform agnostic and can run on x86-based architectures and ARM-based platforms.

“We are one of the first companies in China to adopt the Qualcomm FSM100xx 5G Platform,” said Hu Zumin, Senior Vice President of Mobile Business at T&W. “As small cells are expected to be a major building block in 5G networks, partnerships with industry leaders like Altran helps T&W provide the most advanced 5G solutions on the market.”

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